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Community Appearance Standards

Posted in: Sixth Ave Coalition
The city has gone through a lengthy and inclusive process to build a foundation for community standards. The process started when the city received a loud message from citizens concerned over the public image of the city.

Consultants who specialize in the subject were then contracted and they set about looking at the city for both common issues and issues that may be limited to certain areas.

Issues tended to not be localized but city wide. That is the same problems showed up in different neighborhoods.

Those issues were then brought back to the city commission and then went back to the residents to ensure that there was a common concern on the issues and to what depth people were concerned.

This process allowed for residents and business owners to register their input and to clarify study results.

Standards are now being proposed for codification and enforcement.

Of course there are people on either side of the line that are not happy. Some people feel the standards will be too strict and others not strict enough.

So lets look at the rationale for having standards.

First, standards are not meant to be punitive but rather supportive in nature. When ever people live together rules have to be made to ensure that one party does not exercise unfair advantage over another. We accept those rules on the open road.

We anticipate that others will not drive as they wish but rather adhere to the rules of the road so that the majortiy can travel in safety. We have all experienced a road hog or tail rider who drives aggresively to satisfy their own needs regardless of the endangerment or loss of rights to other drivers.

Living in a city is really no different. We are allowed to live on our conjoining properties only with the understanding that one does not have the right to devalue a neighbor's property by inappropriate use of yours.

To protect the rights of each neighbor they are each governed by the same rules. Property values are both singular and plural. One house is worth more depending on the amenities and maintenance not only of that property but the entire neighborhood.

When a person buys or rents a property they are aware that the property is designated for an intended use. They purchase or rent based on the understanding that that is what they are exchanging their money for.

If they are living in a city then those rules are more stringent due to proximity to other property. If the property is in the county rules are less strict. The closer people live to each other the more people have to conform to a community standard.

What one does for a living does not change those basic rules just as one does not expect the 18 wheeler to have free reign on the road just because it driven by a ''working man'' or the porsche to cut you off because you drive a less expensive car.

One might find it difficult to understand why they are restricted from certain use but the bottom line is we all are and it is for the common good.

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