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Loud Neighbors

Posted in: University Crest
I'm having trouble with tenants living next to me on Lorilyn Avenue. There is constant music and construction. The bass is so loud that sometimes my pictures are vibrated off the wall. What should I do?

By April

Almost every city has noise ordinance to deal with construction noise, boom boxes, loud parties, etc. When noise ordinance is not available, the police uses the public nuissance law to deal with it. Check your city for noise ordinance or call the police. Before you call the police, talk to the noise makers first to be aware of your intent. This usually works. It puts the noise makers on notice. Good Luck.

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i too have disrespectful neibors. two doors down they bump their bass, loud partiers up all hours tash tossed into neibors yards discarded mattress sittin in the driveway and if you doors open and the wind blows in your dirrection you might catch a whif of what there smokin. tryin to get with home asso im sick of callin the cops and dont feel a confrontation would do more harm than good. its  pretty much a flop house with a howling wolf that animal control wants us to document the problems for them. why can our city employees take care of thier own resposibilities? ive called them more times than i can count and im willing to sign a complaint. fustraited. ive also contacted the home owner the property mngmnt

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