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I live in middletown village in the single family home section of the neighborhood near the soccer field. My husband and I came home
Monday night at about find that our front landscape lights were missing. We have 6 landscape lights that are solar powered. They were gone but two other lights (not ours) were on our front lawn. I preceded to walk down the street to try and find our lights since I found someone else's in our yard. As I walked around I noticed some other neighbors solar lights were missing as well, but none of the neighbors that had wired lights. I didn't confront any neighbors because I felt it was too late at night. We walked around and finally found the lights at the soccer field behind the new building (concession stand). All of our lights were there except for some pieces of them and they were crushed and broken. While we were over there we found that right next to the ligths were tractors that had been vandelized. It almost seems like someone took the solar lights to use as a flashlight to vandalized the tractors. It was dark and I am not sure if there was any damage done to the building or if it had been burglarized. This whole event was very upsetting, especially since our lights are up close to our house( the front door) so this means that someone was up close to our house and could have done just about anything. I don't know if this is enough reason to call the police and have a report or not. The damage to our house was limited to our lawn lights but I have recovered about 4 other varieties of lights which are from other vandled yards. I am writing to you in hopes that someone else saw something or reported similar problems. Thank you.
No relief for the crap

I sold my property in Middletown Village and moved because of this kind of stuff. During the process there were flowers, and even wreaths stolen...the rampant kids running around the neighborhood are never going to be controlled unless the police get super-involved, which I don't see happening since Middletown has its' own slummy area in the middle of the old part of town. Plus there's only so many NCCO cops advice - move while you can still get a good penny for your house.
Don't Hesitate...

I call the cops as often as I feel that there is accessive loitering or that there is suspicious vandalism activity going on. My front yard was 'turfed' the first fall that we lived here, so I do not hesitate to report any of this sort of activity to the police.

Even when the basketballs are bouncing well after dark in the summer have my neighbors called, and we all support eachother in doing so. Call as often as you feel necessary, the more calls, the safer our property values will be.

By John
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