unsitely house

Posted in: Middletown Village
I must vent alittle. The house down the street from me, a known drug house, is basically falling apart. Screens busted out, front door kicked in, and blinds and curtains torn apart. The yard is not taken care of either. All the othewr houses are well maintained. I fear that this is going to affect our property value. What can be done? Can they be made to clean everything up. I'm tired of looking at it and I'm ashamed having to put up with it. Not to mention the lack of parental supervision. It's come to the point where I'm thinking of moving. Anyone with suggestions? Something needs to be done before we are all taken over by these people who could care less!!

By Concerned

''A known drug house''...hmmmm...well I doubt the house's appearance will be allowed to remain that way, but MV has continued to surprise me with the lack of caring from the cops, etc., so...anything's possible...

By Concerned as well
Unsitely House

Have yiu tried to talk to the homewoner and address the issue. And what excstly was meant by these people in the context that you used it?
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