Animal Feces

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What could be done about preventing the amount of animal feces on the side of the side walks in Middletown Village. I recently walked my dog and I was absolutley a disgusted on the amount of Animal Feces along the sidewalks. You could not go 5 feet without seeing or spelling the Animal Feces.
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In the park!!

I have to agree with you about the animal feces along the sidewalks. Another problem is feces in the park- where I sometimes take my children. Has anyone noticed how bad the grass can get at the park on Doc Levinson? I take my children there to play, but I don't let them run on the grass because the animal feces is so bad. I might as well stay at home and let them play in our own yard! If I want my children romping around in dog feces, I'll go buy a dog. I don't understand why some people who have dogs do not clean up the mess? Those people should keep their dogs in their own yards so other people don't have to put up with the smell and the mess on the bottom of our shoes!
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