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I am fairly new to the neighborhood and know that I should have been given information on our deed restrictions at the time of signing the mortgage, however I can't recall receiving a copy or signing them. I am wondering though, if there is a restriction on parking cars in the yard. I have seen this done by a neighbor and feel that it definitely degrades the neighborhood to see this being done. At times I have seen multiple cars pulled there as well and this is the side of the house opposite the driveway. Can someone tell me if there are restrictions on this and if so how it is enforced???
Car Parking

Cars should not be on lawns and in back yards. There are some laws in the town that might be able to help. However, if the cars are registered and insured, the police do not have a lot to do. I recommend contacting the Middletown Village Maintanence Corp. to see if they can send a letter to the people who are parking their cars like they are in a trailor park and get them to move the cars. The phone number is: 302-656-9400. Mr. Ramunno is the person who is the head of the Maint. Corp.

Good Luck,
Attempt to Contact Mr Ramunno

I have left two messages in the past couple weeks for Mr. Ramunno with no response. Is there anything else that can be done about this? Grass is beginning to grow up around the car now. It really is unsightly.
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Good Luck

I also have been trying to reach Mr. Rammuno. Calls have been left unreturned. Letters left unanswered. My next step is certified mail!!
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