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Who exactly is in charge of snow removal in Middletown Village? I was under the impression that the dues we paid to the Assosiation was to be used for things such as snow removal. Did anyone else feel like the snow removal was spotty at best? Streets were still cover in snow and slush and I only saw th trucks out a few times. I don't remember seeing them return after Sunday morning after the snow had stopped and there was still a buig mess! I had to call out of work on Monday because I couldn't get my car out of the development. Granted I do drive a Mustang which has no weight to add to pushing the tires down, but I'm an accountant and this is the worst time of the year for us. I thought the snow removal for Middletown Village, at least along Vincent Circle, was horrible. Why do we pay dues if the service we pay dues for is nonexistent. Anyone else feel this way or is it just my wife and I? Thanks.

Same thoughts...

I was thinking the same thing. But, my husband came back from last month's meeting and I asked him about dues and he said something about the dues were only 1 cent? Maybe I just misunderstood him? I'm thinking that at the very least dues (in a greater amount than a penny LOL, but less than $50 bucks yearly--as I'm sure we're all working folks)should help to get the streets clean. I was also surprised to see the streets completely covered in snow after BOTH snowstorms. I was thinking ''aren't they going to at least SALT?'', but no salt.

I think this would be something to discuss at the next meeting--is it next Monday? You're not the only one, my friend! Great topic of discussion. Anyone else have feelings on this?

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Reply Snow Removal

I saw the Town of Middletown trucks come through so I am assuming that maybe the town was doing the removal. I thought the streets were pretty clear. The only issue we faced was digging the car out of the driveway after being plowed in. I drive an Alero which sits pretty close to the ground and I had no problems getting through the neighborhood and I also live on Vincent Circle.

No trucks came through back here. I live in the back, the last phase. We got no trucks. Just unplowed streets as far as I could see. I wouldn't have minded being plowed in, but we got NO PLOW! Hahaha!

I'll make sure my hubby brings it up at the meeting!

I wonder did the same trucks you saw salt... I notice that everything is pretty clear around your way, but on Woodline Dr. and Dairy--in the back--the sun melted this. Haha!

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