One way or two way street??

Posted in: Middletown Village
Is the main road into Middletown Village one or two way? Every day I see cars going into the neighborhood passing other cars??

People are idiots, so the way I see it, it doesn't really matter if the road is 1 or 2 way. I treat it as 1 way because I never know what the car in front of me is going to do. Noone uses turn signals and people rarely actually stop for the stop sign.
ONE lane street

Um, I think they meant one lane or two lanes and I'd like to know also. I don't know how many times I have come close to being hit because people are driving down the main road (ASH) like it's a two lane street and it's not.

In my opinion Ash Blvd is technically a one lane road. The only reason it is as wide as it is is to give room for for people to turn right or left to businesses and homes in front and for emergency vehicles to pass. 

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