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Oshkosh Northwestern, 'NeighborWorks Stuggles' article of April 17, 2012

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And why does the Middle Village Neighborhood Association continue to work with NeighborWorks???   Yell 


Check out the article found in today's Oshkosh Northwestern, front page on the Honeymoon House.  NeighborWorks-Oshkosh has screwed up every project they have started (remember the Dumpster Day last fall in Middle Village with NO dumpsters, with only 1 eventually arriving late after several phone calls, plus check out the Oshkosh Northwesterns Jan. 8 editorials for list of other unfinished NeighborWorks' projects.) In any private company a project manager who had messed up this house project, (this badly - with this much public attention) would have been fired months ago. Apparently Oshkosh's City Manager and City Councilmen (Mr. Cummings) think it is totally acceptable to screw over the 'low-medium income' people of this town.


By the way Oshkosh Northwestern: I qualified as a 'First Time Homeowner'. I am a single person who makes enough to support a family of four (according to NeighborWorks' own loan processing staff).  


By the way Oshkosh Principal Planner Robin Leslie:  You told me you had nothing more to do with the Honeymoon House since it's sale to NeighborWorks...so way are you judging me and stating to the public that I am not capable of repairing my own home???  I can handle prioritizing and paying for my own home repairs - just like every other homeowner has to do when they buy a house.  That's why we have home inspection clauses!  Plus, I have a contractor response on the original bidding form who could do all of the "City Priority" repairs for $35,000.  The numbers quoted in your article were made up by you and NeighborWorks in order to get yourselves out of the blackmail statement NeighborWorks made to my attorney (asking for another $80K, on top of the agreed upon price, if I still want the house.)

Would be happy to give anyone the real facts about the sale of the Honeymoon House, including a copy of NeighborWork's legal acceptance to my legal Offer to Purchase, and how I was left waiting at Bay Title on 12/23/11 11:00 am for the Closing Meeting.

Pamela Baumgartner
607 Frederick St.

Oshkosh WI

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