no parking in street rule sucks

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I think everyone should re-think this ''no parking on the street'' rule. There is plenty of room for anyone that has an extra car or someone visiting that is staying more than one day. My son is staying with me, temporarily, and I have to make room to fit him on my driveway. We have to play ''musical cars'' just to accomodate this rule. I guess I have to sell a car because of this. Nuts!
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This By-Law was suggested by a Board member (no longer a Co-Owner, by the way) to prevent parking on Brookview Lane near the entrance.  The attorney for us suggested 100 yards in either direction.  We wrote the By-Law and included it in the Condo-wide voting for passage or failure.

We held a town hall meeting with all Co-Owners invited.  Our attorney, our Property Manager, and the entire Board went over all the By-Laws and answered questions for more than two hours.

I also made myself available to several Co-Owners who asked me to come to their unit and go over each change they voted on.  I did this for five Co-Owners.


The By-Law passed.

"Re-thinking" a By-Law is possible, of course, and the Board will take your concern under advisement.  However, a Condo-wide vote would be necessary, and an attorney hired to formally change the By-Law.  This would cost considerable funds.  It's not likely to happen unless nearly everybody on Brookview Lane wanted to change the By-Law.


I'm sorry for your troubles in this matter.  You seemed to have come into compliance of late and no more fines or letters are forthcoming.




I disagree with cars in the street. Do you seriously have that much krap in your driveway and garage that you can't park a car in the two lane driveway?

And their is not "plenty" of room in our streets. I dont know what street you live on.

Cars parked in the street is an annoyance and should be in your driveway overnight.

Bottom lline: Clean out your garage and use the spots you have.

It's not just in the streets. It's also in your own yard which would be 30 feet from the center of the road. So if the road from center to your yard is 10 feet, you loose 20 feet of of property that you are taxed on. People that have two or more cars in a narrow driveway is the problem. This ordenance is all about revenue in the pockets of the town officials.


Leave the towns people alone and you will gain more respect.

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