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Unfair Neihboorhod policies

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Me and my roomates live at 2744 N Cramer and we are all college students attending UWM. This is our first time renting and until a couple weeks ago we thought we were excellent neighbors and tenants. We've never had a party even though most of the other houses on the street do just about every night. But we dont care we are living close to campus and we expected this. But last week two officers came to our door to serve us with a ticket for a noise violation. The ticket was for a noise complaint that was called during the previous week. No cops came to our house that night and we heard nothing about it until a week later when we got a $250 ticket. This astounded us since there were only 2 of us at the house at the time. The ticket however claims we were the hosts of a house party which caused excessive noise. We couldnt belive this. We asked the officers how we can get a ticket for something that happened a week ago when no one came to our house the night of the ticket. He explained to us that in this neighborhood (the Murray Hill Neihborhood) the policy was to just write the tickets with no evidence what so ever even if it was a full week after the ''house party'' that we ''hosted'' (this party was me and my roomate who were the only 2 people in the house at the time which is why I am using quotations)they have to write a ticket. So essentially we are guilty until proven innocent. This is not what I have learned through years of school and just plain old logic. How can this be right? How can your association do this? This country's legal system was based on innocent until proven guilty. Even if we did have a party the legal(or what I formerly thought was legal) thing to do would have been call the police that night and have them come to the house and catch us being loud or having out party. Wouldn't that make sense? Sorry for the rambling I dont mean to take this problem out on you but because of this neighbor of ours (who is a member of your group as i and all my roomates soon plan to be) we have a $250 tickect for doing nothing and our landlord is threatening to evict us. Evicting us in the middle of a semester would really cost us thousands more than just the ticket and having to find a new place to live with a new security deposit and moving expenses OR having to leave this semester and paying for my classes which total over $4000. Me and many other students that live near my house will be attending the meeting this comming tuesday to discuss the matter with the whole association.

Please dont disregard this as some college kids trying to get out of a ticket. You will see our sincerity when we show up to the meetings and become members of the Murray Hill Association.
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