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I have friends in the Concordia, ColdSpring, Merrill Park Neighborhooda.
I was told they are having a really bad summer as opposed to our pretty quiet one:

At 27th & Kilbourn a shoot-out a traffic accident precipitated the incident. There were also shootings at 22nd & Wisconsin and at 3215 W. St. Paul.

The victim at 22nd & Wisconsin is uncooperative. The police have a
suspect in the St. Paul shooting.

There were armed robberies at 32nd & Mt. Vernon (victim in wheel
chair), 29th & Highland (victim waiting at bus stop) and 2201 W. Wisconsin.

two men beating a third on a bike in broad daylight on
26th between State and Highland

Out of control drug dealing from 27th to 35th and Wells Streets.

They have had more police presence and what appears to be arrests. I just want everyone down here to keep their eye and ears open and if they see any new or increased crime in activity in the Valley to call it in ans share with neighbors. Sometimes problems will migrate elsewhere.

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I agree, if anybody sees any crime to take the time and call it in to the police even if it is small.  They now have a system that tracks the high volumn of call that are located in specific neighborhoods and the more calls they receive the more police presence is sent to those areas.  So the more calls people make the better.



Yes getting together with neighbors and reporting chronic issues are the best ways to begin to solve these types of issues.  Milwaukee's website has a "click for action" button on the home page where you can easily report any number of things.

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