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Aug 7, 2005
We need to do something about that smell from our outdated water and sewage treatment plant. I, among others have complained to the Mayor. If the smell bothers you please do the same. Think twice when you pour a glass of water...Thank you.

-By K,

By K

I'm not sure who services your water. Either it is the Parker Water and Sanitation District or the Cottonwood Water and Sanitation District. Either way, the Town has no jurisdiction over these Water Districts. I believe each has an emergency number you can call to have them come out and assist you in this issue. PWSD # is (303) 841-4627. CWSD # is (303) 792-9509 .

I have forwarded your e-mail to our Town Administrator and Deputy Town Administrator. Please call those numbers as soon as possible.

David Casiano
Town of Parker
303-841-0353 (O)
303-841-2587 (H)

By Mayer's Office

My family has just purchased a home in the Cottonwood Neighborhood and feel hoodwinked... it STINKS! I can't believe that anyone in this neighborhood has lived here longer than the exact turnaround time to resell after realizing the SMELLY problem that's carried on the everyday breezes around here. Please do SOMETHING about the treatment plant's smell - it is TRULY awful. We have a two year old and newborn who, I'm worried, will grow up and reminisce that they're reminded of ''home'' every time they catch a whiff of a backed-up toilet. I really hope someone hears our complaints and tries to resolve the issue quickly. I don't intend to let the matter go unheard for long.
Thanks for reading, Casi Kafka.


My husband and I just got online and saw all these postings about the smell coming from the water reclamation facility. We are supposed to close on our house tomorrow, and are very nervous and thinking about backing out due to all these comments. Please let me know if that horrible smell is still coming from the plant, and if they have done any work to fix that problem. Cottonwood looks like a lovely community, especially with that beautiful park right there, but it would not be worth it if it smells awful. Please help ASAP, as we are going tomorrow to sign for the house.

 Thank you so much, for any information you could give us!!

Tina Graves

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