We need to educate teens about Domestic Violence

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Cops: Man abducts ex from Shea E-mail

on 03-19-2009 03:42  



PAWTUCKET - A 21-year-old local man is facing kidnapping, assault and other charges after allegedly abducting his ex-girlfriend as she left Shea High School on Monday afternoon.

According to Pawtucket Police, the victim's mother had called 911 shortly after 3 p.m. to report that her daughter's ex-boyfriend, Brian P. Pina, had allegedly taken her daughter against her will. She told police her daughter had contacted her about the incident by cell phone. A short time later, while police were still interviewing the mother, the victim arrived home, having been transported by her brother.
The victim, who has a child with Pina, told police that as she was leaving school and heading to her car that was parked nearby, Pina suddenly appeared next to her. She said he grabbed onto her and pushed her into a vehicle, stating that he wanted to talk. She said he tried to grab her cell phone and she started to pull away, but he grabbed her arm and bit her near the wrist. She said she then grabbed his face and scratched him, and then Pina started the car and pulled away from the parking area at a high rate of speed.
The victim said she began to yell loudly inside the car in hopes of attracting someone's attention. She said she then saw a police cruiser heading in the opposite direction and again began to yell. She said that once the police officer turned his cruiser around, Pina allegedly became scared and began to drive faster to get away. She said he then pulled into a driveway on Bagley Street and grabbed her, making her exit the vehicle with him.
According to police, the victim said that Pina made her go over a fence and forced her to hide in a garage. She said her mother kept calling her on her cell phone, and when Pina finally let her respond, he told her to tell her mother she was at McDonald's. She said she was eventually able to contact her mother, and her aunt and brother came to the location to pick her up, but Pina had fled the scene.
According to police, several officers were involved in a foot pursuit with Pina in the general vicinity of his home at 84 Hurley Avenue. Patrol Officers Ernest Pendergrass and Ryan Heise, along with trained police dog BAK, set up a perimeter around his house. When Pendergrass saw that Pina was at home, he ordered him to surrender. When allowed into the house,  Pendergrass said he saw Pina climb into the attic. After Pina allegedly ignored several orders to surrender, Pendergrass said he brought the police dog into the house and threatened to release him if Pina did not comply. Pina then agreed to come down from the attic and was taken into custody.
Pina was charged with two felonies: domestic--kidnapping and being in possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and three misdemeanors: domestic--simple assault,  violation of a no-contact order, and resisting arrest. He was arraigned Tuesday in 6th District Court, Providence.

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There are programs being run to help prevent these situations, but call BV Advocacy Center at 723-3057 for more info on school education or join the Woodlawn Community Partnership Team for input

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I am sure our 26 year old smoker would want us to just let the kids have fun and allow violence or deaths.

He probably beats his wife nightly when he boozes too much or maybe just for the heck of it.

We need to stop this stuff and act civilized

When we take time to give our time we have more interest in the outcome.  Clergy, law enforcement, politicians, educators, media, business leaders, community leaders, friends, relatives, family, and parents are all needed if we are to get rid of the violence.  Let us not forget, the adults are modeling the same behavior.  We all have to do more every day.  Not just shake our heads in despair when we read about violence.  Find and use our natural talents for the good of others.  We need to become community oriented in the fullness of the word "community".  Get to know more people.  Look out for one another. 

Our teens need help from all the people, all the time.  Teens need constant information in as many different avenues as available.  Teen need more than a lecture.  Teens need different methods on-going. Messages on TV.  Messages on billboards.  Messages on bullentins. Messages to males and females.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  Tell our Teens what is expected of them and help them achieve.  Model the right behaviour.  This is not happening enough.  Adults are busy being busy.  More of our time need to be into creating interesting ways to help our teens.  We must get and keep the attention of our teens.  Think about it.  The repeat messages we all get daily are more negative than positive. 

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