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President Fennessy MISLED us!!!

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Subj: President Fennessy misled us to believe...........................
Date: 5/31/2005 1:07:03 A.M. Central Standard Time
From: LS0909
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President Fennessy,

In your June?’s Newsletter, you said, ?“?…?….You might recall the anti-Walmart effort of the summer of 2003. CCHoA provided this $5,000 to a public relations firm ?– with the support of Circle C homeowners?…?….?”

Were you trying to mislead us to believe that the (old) Board of Directors had funneled $5,000 to the Circle C Political Action Committee with the full knowledge and approval of the Circle C homeowners?

It was true that most of the homeowners did object having a new Walmart being built right in front of our main entrance. However, supporting the anti-Walmart movement does not translate into supporting the Board to funnel $5,000 to the Circle C Political Action Committee. These were two completely different matters, and almost all the homeowners, including myself, were being kept in the dark about this $5,000 transaction. As the President of the Association, how could you be so irresponsible to say something so untrue and so misleading?

If this $5,000 expense was so legitimate, why didn't the Association use its own check to make the payment? Why the (old) Board had to funnel the money into the Circle C PAC, and then used the Circle C PAC?’s check to make the payment? Please explain this.

President Fennessy, you are surely a big disappointment to the homeowners. We elected you with a high hope that you would clean up the corruption in the Association. But instead, you have done all the opposite ?– helping the old directors by concealing their wrongdoings and awarding them with new contracts. You should be ashamed of yourself.

You said that I had violated the Model Code for being disrespectful to you. Let me tell you this, President Fennessy?…?…?…. RESPECT is something you have to earn it; RESPECT does not come automatically with the title.

Lisa Sun
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