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The following is re-printed from an earlier post of mine in response to one of yours. Please take a minute and respond. Again, thanks in advance.

My questions:

I began this thread with single, simple question: where is the accounting of the amenities fund? When I found out the answer (at the office of Steve Bartlett) I posted it. The answer, however, only begs the question and the real questions remain unanswered:

1) why don't we have the documents (post-closing agreements) that refer to the amenities fund?

2) why don't we have the accounting of the money that has been paid pursuant to those agreements?

Quentin writes ''I have learned that Steve Bartlett is an honorable man. I have no problem communicating with and working with honorable and straightforward people.'' Great. So why has he not provided the documents and the accounting to the HOA? I conclude he has not done so based upon the assumptions listed above and the following analysis:

Either he has been asked to produce this information or he has not. If this straightforward request has not been made to this straightforward individual, why has it not? As I stated above, however, I do assume it has been made. Further, it makes no sense to make plans to take over the administration of this fund for the construction of amenities without first getting this basic information. You simply cannot make plans without knowing what resources you have to work with at your disposal. Moreover, if (and I make no assumption that this will be the case) irregularities in the accounting are uncovered, it would be the prudent course to establish that they occurred prior to the fund being transferred over to our board of hard-working volunteers lest they incur liability for someone else's actions.

If, therefore (as I assume), request for production of the documents and accounting has been made to Steve Bartlett, what was his response? Logically, the only possible responses that could account for the ''amenity delays [being] a fact to be dealt with'' are either 1) not now, and/or; 2) not ever.

I pose these remaining questions directly to Quentin as he is in the best position to answer them: If you, as our President, have asked Steve Bartlett to provide you with the documents and accounting, which response did he give you?

I do realize that there is the possibility that you made the attempt to get the documents and accounting and, despite Mr. Bartlett's honorable nature and straightforward manner, that he refused your request altogether. I assume (not quite blindly) that this is not the case, but if it is, and he did tell you, for whatever reason, that he would not (or could not) ever provide the documents and accounting, what response, if any, did you make?

(see part 2 below)
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We Deserve ANSWERS (Part 2)

The language in your post, however, indicates that he put you off, rather than give you an outright refusal. If, in response to your straightforward request for the documents and accounting, he gave you an answer that required you to continue to wait, did you then ask this straightforward person to tell you 1) exactly when the documents and accounting would be forthcoming, and 2) the reason for the continued delay?

I know that, in keeping with your principle of focusing on what's next rather than 'what has already happened,' you understand that all these questions are posed in good faith and directed toward the future of Circle C - toward finally acquiring the amenities for which we have so long waited. I believe that your exhortation to ''continue to write the next chapters rather than obsessing over the past'' is made in good faith and feel that you also know that I am not interested in re-hashing past mistakes or in attempting to place blame on you or anyone else. We both know, however, that, in the words of George Santayana, ''Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.''

Therefore, would you please explain to everyone the specifics of your new approach ''with regard to the issue of the control over the funds'' now that, with the help of Richard's thoughtful comments, you have better defined it? Thanks in advance. I know I'm not the only one interested in reading your response.

Bill Gammon
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We Are Still Waiting............

Dear Mr. Fennessy,

Did you notice that up to this point there are 2098 views of the article of Amenities Fund at CCHOA Discussion Forum? The number just keeps going up, up and up. Do you know why? Homeowners are eagerly waiting for your response.

President Fennessy, why can you behave like a responsible leader and answer the following two questions?

1. Why don?’t we have the documents (post-closing agreements) that refer to the amenities fund?
2. Why don?’t we have the accounting of the money that has been paid pursuant to those agreements?

By the way, I want to point out that this Amenities Fund article seems to be the most popular article at this not so popular discussion forum.

?• There are 3,500 homes and about 10,000 homeowners in Circle C.
?• Almost all the homeowners are aware of this Circle C Discussion Forum ?– thanks to our monthly newsletters.
?• After more than one year and up to this date, there are only 154 registered users and only 70% of them have ever made posts. That?’s only 1.54%!!!

If I were the Board Administrator, I would be very, very, very, very embarrassed by this number. Would you be, President Fennessy?

And if I were the Board Administrator, I would review my policies and revise them if necessary. Here is a hint: Anonymous Posting should be allowed in the discussion forum.

Your Most Favorite Homeowner
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