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My family recently moved into a lovely home in the McKinley neighborhood. A charming older home with trees, a yard, and what appeared to be a friendly community. All up and down our street, I see signs urging neighbors to unite for a common good. ''McKinley Neighbors Unite!'' they say, in large letters. I have lived in this house now for ten days. Since we moved in, not one neighbor has stopped by to greet us, inform us of a block club, or invite us to a community meeting. One person, a friend of a resident, did stop to borrow our hose, but he didnt leave his name. Our vehicle was involved in a hit and run outside on the street in front of our house. A mob of young males hangs out on the corner, blasting each other with roman candles (arent those illegal?) and three dogs bark non-stop, day and night. Our cat was beat up on our porch.
Two days ago the property owner called to say that the neighbors had been watching us, and that we had too many visitors, and perhaps we were involved in drugs. They had held a meeting to determine whether or not to call the police. I was sickened. We are a diverse family, multi-racial in nature, with many friends and family who offered to help us move. We did have alot of company, and yes, we keep late hours sometimes. We wanted to have a party, to celebrate my husbands 4th anniversary of sobriety, but felt it unwise in light of the ''united front'' of our neighbors, who while never mustering the community spirit enough to come say hello, have actually been peering secretly through their windows, judging from a distance. I agree we should unite, but not against each other. I'm not sure how long I will be able to live here. I'm not comfortable living in a community that is false, bigotted, and united in hate and fear. I dont want those kind of neighbors. I cannot unite with that.

By New Neighbor
I hear you... but....

I have had a very different experience from my recent transition to the neighborhood. I would actually like to meet you and hear about your experiences as well as share my own stories. Please respond and leave a contact number.
I understand!

First of all I would like to say welcome to McKinley! We moved here a year ago. The problem with your neighbors is that they are rarely neighbors of ACTION. We had bad renters next door and I called the police & city 8 times during the year and now they are gone.

Most people in general will not do anything about these problems. I encourage you to call 311 and report these things that are going on around your home. The city of Minneapolis WILL do something about it and you will remain anonynous.

People most of the time don't report things because they say they are afraid of retaliation. I say you MUST report these things otherwise it will be understood that this type of behavior is acceptable and even the bad guys know it is not. They will have no idea who called about them and will not have time to think about that. They will just move on somewhere else where they think that kind of behavior is acceptable.

I love my McKinley home as well! I am a neighbor of action - I'll even call FOR YOU if you want. The police know exactly who I am!

No, you cannot unite with hate and fear! We have to make a stand in this community! It worked for my family being here this past year. We got bad renters out and NO ONE hangs out in front of our house or on our whole block for that matter since I WILL CALL.

First thing to do is to call 311 and report those dogs! I did that for a neighbor and it took care of the problem within a week.

Stand tall!
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New Neighbor -
Sorry your experience has been so unwelcoming. Perhaps the reason no one is paying attention to the drug house next door to me is because their all too busy keeping an eye on the honest folks like yourself.
I've lived in my property for a little over a year now and my 6 year old has never played in her own yard. I can't let her go out because the junior high drug dealers are drinking and swearing from early afternoon until well after 10:30. Our daily routine is picking up trash on our block before we go to work and picking it up again when we return, all while the young drug dealers watch. I wish the rest of our neighbors would spend a little less time counting your guests and more on tracking down the slum lord who is allowing drugs to be sold from his building. I admit, I am one of those people peering from their window but I'm watching those kids to make sure they keep their drug, alcohol and gang activities away from my house. I hate to say it but as much as I love this season, I am ready for summer to end. At least during the school year, we get a few hours of peace. A few hours of not seeing people just hanging on the corner.

For what its worth now, welcome to the neighborhood.

by A Frustrated Family

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