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Climate Pro / Replacing Ductwork in Attic

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Has anyone used Climate Pro to have ductwork fixed/taped/replaced in their attic?  I'm curious to know approximately how much people have paid and/or if they felt it was worth it after it had been completed.

Please, no soliciations to perform the work "on the side" or "I have a buddy who will do it for____"  I'm not looking for that.  Looking for a A+ BBB rated, licensed contractor.

We use Climate Pro for all our heating/cooling and duct work needs. 


If you become an SPP member, you can save about 20% as well.  


They do great work and can be trusted.  If there ever is an issue, they will send a technician out at no charge to take a look at the problem. Also, they warranty their service and actually stand behind it.


We have two heat pumps and they take great care of us no matter the time of year.


If you are wanting to get your ducts cleaned, however, we do recommend using another service as they charge a standard rate versus the amount of vents and returns you actually have in your home.

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