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In 1978 a new neighborhood community was born. It was a development much like many others in surrounding areas. It had several models of homes from which to choose. I believe we had really good people who were about to become – well, neighbors.

As like any other neighborhood, we couldn't pick and choose our newfound friends. But for the most part, we were pretty happy – even lucky – with "who moved in next door". And as each day would go by, we were always curious to see who would move in next and would they have children that ours could play with ... what are their ages ... etc.

Many have come and gone for various reasons – but, surprisingly – many, many are still here! Over the years, we have become close knit with many ties to one another on various streets throughout.  Children who grew up here now purchase their own homes here - thus you have parents, children and grandparents in the same neighborhood.

Even though our community may be a great place to live and raise our children -- we ALL need to PROTECT it.  A neighborhood's demise does not occur overnight. It is a gradual process. The UNAWARE community does not know who belongs or lives in "the house next door".  This is one of the many reasons why we deliver a "Welcome Basket or Tote" to our new neighbors.

A good neighbor is one of the most effective crime prevention tools ever invented.  Marlborough Mesa currently has a Neighborhood Watch sign posted at ALL of our 9 entrances.

Neighborhood responsibility -- we ALL share in it.  A strong neighborhood DEPENDS upon it.

If a problem exists on your street – contact us at or CALL 480-831-1525 – before it gets out of hand. If you are not quite sure how to handle it – certainly 2, even 3 heads are better than 1. We can talk about it as neighbors.

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