Marlborough Mesa


Jun 27, 2003

For info concerning this newsletter, please contact the editors/publishers:
Jim and Alma Jones
1031 W. Posada Avenue
480-831-1525 or 602-321-1139


Fourth of July FIREWORKS Displays?’ abound! Here are a few and you may want to call to verify:

Fireworks Show & Celebration. Gates open at 6pm. Night Shift Band in concert until 8pm. Karate Demo, USA Founding Fathers, YMCA Gym Team and E. Valley Lamplighters 8-9pm. Rides and inflatables for kids, food and beverages available for purchase. Fireworks begin at 9pm, Mesa Comm. College (Southern and Dobson). $5 parking fee per car with proceeds to charity. 480-644-5040 for more information.

Dr. A.J. Chandler Park. 4-9pm. Musical entertainment, free children's rides, food vendors. Free adm. Fireworks to begin at 9:30pm. Contact John Stewart 480-236-9123.

Several stages of musical entertainment, children?’s water playground, and fireworks to begin at 9pm. Advance tickets $5 or $8 at gate; family adm $15 for 2 adults & 2 children, children 12 & under free. 4-11pm Tempe Beach Park. 480-350-5180.

Fabulous Phoenix Fourth. Largest fireworks display in the southwest at Wesley Bolin Plaza. 4pm until fireworks begin approx 9:30pm. Enjoy entertainment and games. Free. 602-262-4633.

New Directory of Services is Online ?– Opportunity Awaits (This will be online by the end of June)

Our Directory of Services in Marlborough Mesa is now online. But before it is actually printed and passed out to all residents ?– if you wish to be placed in that directory ?– both online and in print ?– please contact me at 480-831-1525 or and provide the following information for your listing.

Name of Resident _________________________
Business Name ___________________________
Business Address __________________________
Business Phone ___________________________
Home Phone (Optional) _____________________
Cell Phone (Optional) ______________________
Licensed & Bonded (If Applicable) _____________
E-mail __________________________________
Refrences (Available upon request) ______________
Discounts (If applicable)______________________
Please include a brief statement on the type of services offered. __________________________

We still need a painter, locksmith, sprinkler systems handyman, blocklayer, electrician and landscaper. If you have any of these trades or qualifications, please consider placing your name in the directory. Also, if you know of someone who has worked directly for you in the past and has done an extraordinary job ?– then recommend them with your name attached.

Emergency Preparedness ?–
By Debbie Driscol,
Mesa Neighborhood Outreach Office

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has issued an Awareness Bulletin for Citizens that asks for the involvement of citizens in helping law enforcement counter terrorism. Their recommendations are similar to those that many Mesa neighborhoods utilize to combat crime in their neighborhoods every day!
?· Remain alert and be aware of everyday activities in your neighborhood.
?· Encourage the involvement of family, friends and neighbors.
?· Assume responsibility; OBSERVE and REPORT activities that appear out of place or unusual.
?· Bring in each other?’s newspapers and trashcans after a specified time to discourage criminals from preying on the neighborhood.
?· Form a Block Watch
?· Most importantly, take the time to get to KNOW one another so you can discern if something is out of the ordinary.
If a resident becomes aware of suspicious activity, he/she should not take direct action, confront the individual or reveal their suspicions. Here?’s what to do:
?· Record the details
?· Notify Mesa Police Department as soon as possible at 480-644-2211 or 9-1-1 if appropriate.
We have an emergency preparedness video for viewing. One neighborhood prepared an ?“emergency kit?” that could be used if residents were forced to leave their homes with little notice. They now are discussing ways to be prepared if forced to remain in their homes for several weeks.
Preparing for emergencies and combating criminal activity are most effective when a neighborhood is organized and communication is strong. Call me with any questions at 644-5534.

By Syna Daudfar
?– (a student in Marlborough)

Recently there has been an Iranian bicyclist that is as people call it, "on the road to peace". He's planning to go to New York's ground zero by running and wants to get there by 9-11. He wants to tell the New York people and all Americans that not everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist.

As of this publication, Reza has been running for 36 days and has totaled 1200 miles! He is now on HWY 40 in Texas.

Any moral and financial support from all his fans should be directed to the following accounts to support his tour. On his behalf the following account has been set up:
Reza K. Baluchi, c/o Bank of America
210 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004
602-523-2371 Routing # 082000073
Checking Acct. # 004654111846

Reza, himself, can be contacted at:

Reza departed for Ground Zero in New York from Marina del Rey, CA on May 11, 2003. Reza's web sites are:


As more and more people are on the internet ?– so comes with that ?– more and more ?“BEWARE?” flags. A few of our residents have provided you with some alerts:

By Linda Murphy and Suzanne Weaver

Check this out. I typed in my phone number on and it appeared right there along with my address and directions to my house! Even though reverse lookup search sites have been around a long time and can do the same thing, this may surprise you....

Go to and type in your phone number (include area code and hyphens).
If your number is there, click on Yahoo Maps or MapQuest and it will actually pull up directions to your house and give you a map to your front door ?– SCARY!!! In the age of internet communication we all know the dangers of this - for adults and CHILDREN!

To REMOVE your number from the database linked to the mapping feature, click on the telephone icon (this appears next to your name).

Clicking on this icon will take you to a page containing a description of the service, and a link to request your number be removed from the database. So far unlisted numbers and cell phone numbers, do not show up.

By Jim & Judy Bottorf

To remove your name from email lists, go to or write to Direct Marketing Assn., Mail Preference Service, PO Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008.

If you want to opt out of pre-approved offers of credit, call 1-888-5optout. This is for people who don't want their addresses sold to credit grantors for marketing solicitations. Be sure to listen to all the options carefully.

For more information on financial privacy opt-out notices, go to

By Alma Jones

To find out more about protecting your information that is online, visit the Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft Web site at

When forwarding emails, a privacy issue is at stake for many people in that they prefer their email not be given to everyone on an individual?’s mailing list. To avoid this, send or forward any group messages in the ?“BCC?” address line rather than in the usual ?“TO?” address line. This way, others will only see their own address and not the address of others as well.

By Renee Coelho

We all get those emails that "claim" to be a true but bizarre story. Here is a great little site that tells you what's real and what is an ?“urban legend?” before spamming friend's email boxes.


By Kristine Malcolm

The neighborhood has received a computer that is free to a homeowner within Marlborough Mesa. It is an older Gateway model but in good condition and had been used in a business. It has all the necessary programs on it. To receive this computer you must write an essay (approximately 100 words) about how the computer will benefit you and/or your family. The criteria for submission:
?· You must be a Marlborough Mesa homeowner
?· You do not already have a computer
?· You are willing to get internet access, including e-mail.

Please drop those entries off at Jim and Alma Jones?’ home at 1031 W. Posada by July 31. The Finance Committee will judge the essays and notify the winner.

Paul Simpson has kindly offered his services to make certain the first 2 computers are in good working order before going to their new owner. If there are any other volunteers who would be willing to fix one or two as we get them in, please contact the Jones?’ at 831-1525.
Note: We will be getting single computers from time to time, so if you do not ?“win?” this first time, we will keep your essay for the next one.


By Kristine Malcolm

Due to funding, the City has cut back on many of their programs. We will only be getting Clean Sweep annually now so our month is February 2004. We will get 8 boxes per drop instead of 10.

Following are the dates we have chosen and I'll take care of the streets when it gets closer:
2/3/04 2/6/04
2/6/04 2/10/04
2/10/04 2/13/04
2/13/04 2/17/04

With the new program they will be left over the weekend for two weekends. So while this may not be what we wanted to hear ?– at least they didn't cut the program out all together.


By Stacy Damp
Utilities Conservation-City of Mesa, 480-644-4844

Using water meter to track usage

Most meter boxes are located in in-ground concrete boxes near the street curb. Open the box carefully ?– let the critters scatter first. Once inside, your meter can tell you how much water you are using during a given time period, and can help you monitor the amount of water used for different applications. It can also help you figure out whether there is a leak. Let's go through how to read the meter.

The meter dial reads like an odometer of a car. The sweep hand measures each gallon of water up to 10 gallons. The first number on the right of the dial is a "lazy zero." It represents the 'ones' place. There is no need for it to move because the sweep hand does its work. The movable dials to the left read in 10s, 100s, 1000s of gallons, and so on. You may also see a small circle or triangle on your dial. These are sometimes referred to as leak detectors, because they will turn or spin if even the smallest amount of water is flowing through.

To measure water use for a certain period of time, write down your meter read at the beginning and end of the time period. The difference will be your water usage. This is also a good way to determine how much water is used for different applications, for example watering your lawn, or the weekly laundry. Make sure that water isn't used for anything else during your meter reads.

How can you use your meter to check for leaks you can't see or hear? Turn off all sources of water in and around you home. Don't forget appliances, water softeners and automatic pool refillers. Record the read on the meter (including the sweep hand), wait one hour and check the meter read again. If no water is used, the two reads should be the same. If the reading has changed or you notice the triangle or sweep hand moving, something is wasting your water. You'll need to start checking all water connections carefully until you can find the source of the problem. Fixing these silent leaks can save a lot of water. For example, a toilet leak that goes undetected can waste 600 or more gallons each month.

For more information on ways to conserve water around your home, visit or

BE ALERT ?– Child Safety Program

The Mesa Police Department Crime Prevention Unit is offering another child safety presentation July 22, 2003 from 6:00 to 7:00 pm at the Main Library, 64 E. 1st. Street. They use magic, puppets and props to teach safety to children kindergarten through fourth grade (ages 5-11) and their parents.
?· Abduction Safety
?· 911 Emergencies
?· Team Building
?· Helmet Safety
?· Self Esteem
?· Honesty
* RESERVATIONS are required, as space is limited. Call Jerry Quarles at 644-2539.


They formerly delivered the newsletter to the 1000-1100 blocks of Portobello and have now taken a route closer to home ?– ?“they?” being Brian and Diana Romberg. They will now deliver the newsletter for Emerson, the street where they live.

Syna Daudfar, who lives on Plata is one of our teenagers who has volunteered to be a backup on whatever street he is needed. You can read Syna?’s article he sent in for publication in this newsletter.

We have several NEW neighbors. If you are an Ambassador ?– please contact me for those Welcome Baskets. If you are not an Ambassador and would still like to deliver one ?– just call 831-1525 and I will pass that information on to Michelle Kring, our new ?“Basket Lady.?” She will fill the basket and you can then pick it up at 1031 W. Posada.


On our website in the Talk About It area, it seems that we have had another mail theft on Emerson on Tuesday, June 17. At least there was no mail delivered to two homes for certain. There were several other mailboxes wide open (and empty) when one of the residents went to pick up his mail.

Mail theft and mail fraud are happening every day and our neighborhood is not being spared. They both can be prevented ?– or at best curtailed ?– it is up to us on an individual level. Change your mailbox so as not to make it easy for thieves. There are a number of mailboxes out there that are more difficult to break into other than the current ones most people are using ?– and best of all ?– they are not that expensive.

Mail fraud ?– ?“Sweepstakes and Free Prizes?”: Thousands of people are notified by mail that they have won a free prize. Usually it?’s a postcard that says your prize will be one of four or five ?“valuable?” items ?– like a new car, a color television or a $1,000 savings bond. Typically, con artists mail these notices and they have any number of ways to try and get your money. The best advice is to throw it away. (Info provided by United States Postal Service.)

Another resident has reported that tires had been slashed on Peralta on Friday or Saturday about two weeks ago.

I was listening to ?“Inside Edition?” just today which gave some good advice for us all: Remember the 3 L?’s ?–

Lighting and

It sounds easy but may require a bit of work to make us a little safer in the world we live in today.

Everyone knows there is no substitute for good locks ?– doors and garages. Good lighting both inside and out just makes sense. They said that whether you are at home or gone, you should have a couple of lights on timers inside. On the outside ?– the more lighting ?– the better. If you were a thief, would you be inclined to go up to a home that had a lot of lighting, when the one next door had none?

Landscaping that blocks windows and doors provides the best hiding places of all. Our children love it while they are playing hide and seek during daylight hours ?– thieves love it at night.

And one of the most important things mentioned was ?“get to know WHO belongs IN your neighborhood (cars and people) and WHO does NOT.?”

By Kristine Malcolm
As of 6-23-03, the amount in the account is $2,611.43 in our neighborhood funds.


By Sandra Fischer

We all enjoy the park at the corner of Peralta and Wycliff, as well as those from other neighborhoods. However, because I walk by that park frequently, I have often noticed the condition of the playground equipment, the trash left behind, and the general condition of the park. I have seen people sleeping on the picnic tables and teenagers playing on equipment obviously too young for them. Having been on a committee to plan a major event at the park and realizing that a cleaning crew was needed to make sure that all the trash (including used needles, poop and other stuff) was picked up in order to make the park ready for the event, was a real eye opener for me. This needs to stop if we are to preserve the park for our neighborhood. If the City of Mesa needs to continue spending funds on replacing broken equipment, then there are, obviously, less funds for further improvements or other projects. Considering the City's current budget crisis, we need to take a serious look at these issues. This article is to help all of us be aware of our surroundings and the need to preserve our park by showing respect for public property and passing on that desire to our children.

As I understand it, we were given our park by the City of Mesa as part of a citywide effort to unite neighborhoods. Michael Whiting on Portobello was the head of the steering committee and, along with other Marlborough Mesa residents, made it a reality. The planning began sometime in 1995, construction of the ramada and playground began in 1996 and the park was completed in 1997. Thus, this was no quick decision, but a well thought out use of the space and money available for this project. Mr. Whiting informed me that at the time the park was being designed, the neighbors involved in the planning felt the ramada, barbecue grills and lighting around the park were the priorities. He also informed me that the design of the park and the choice of playground equipment was done by the City of Mesa.

Within two weeks of the park's completion, some items were already broken. Those same pieces have been broken and replaced more than once. Some pieces, like The slides, have never had problems. The equipment broken has been due to overuse by those who the equipment is not designed for, namely anyone over the age of 7 and primarily teenagers. The equipment is not the only problem with the park, but is one of the more expensive ones. There has also been considerable trash, dog poop and other problems. While we may have found a solution to the dog poop problem by installing the trash bag dispensers and bins, there is still more that needs to be done to help keep our park safe and fun for all. It is now time to extend our pride in our neighborhood to the preservation of this park.

Everyone wants to use the park and teenagers are no exception. These days kids of all ages get bored easily and they need safe and inexpensive entertainment near their home. We would like to make sure that our park can be that safe place. We further realize that our neighborhood has more older children (especially teenagers) that would like to use the park, than it does toddlers (the age group for which the equipment is designed). Yet, due to the limited space we had available, the City decided to give us the equipment designed for toddlers. While the larger slide can be used by older kids, the swings, smaller slide and spring animals cannot. To keep the current equipment from being broken and to give the older kids something to do besides play in the field, we believe a change is needed. We would like to solicit suggestions to ensure that ALL our children can enjoy the park and not get into trouble. With that said, then what is the solution? We are hoping you can provide that answer. Should you have any suggestions
or ideas, please call me at 480-820-2773 or email me at Let's find a way to better utilize our park so that all our children will use it wisely and still have fun.


We had a little space left in this month?’s newsletter for some ads. I sent out an email at the last minute and got terrific response. We will try to make this available whenever possible.

ALSO remember that Sheri Powers handles the CLASSIFIEDS on our website at:

If you are interested in placing an ad there, send it to Sheri at

Be sure to give the description, price, your phone number and email. ALSO please REMEMBER to email Sheri once your articles have been SOLD so she can remove them.

AND ?– remember not only to PLACE those ads ?– but to look there for PURCHASING as well.

SUPER SINGLE WATERBED, captain style with 6 drawers and 2 sets of sheets....asking $200. Karen at 480-491-1642 or

LARGE BLACK METAL BIRDCAGE ?… asking $50. Karen at 480-491-1642 or

One time * Weekly * Biweekly
Kathy Larsen 480-831-5103

HELP -- Need loving home for Coby, my siamese mix cat. I can no longer keep him and he needs a home ASAP. He is large with beautiful blue eyes and is a great companion. Coby is very mellow and actually minds very well. He is neutered and declawed. If you are interested in Coby or know of someone who would be, please get in touch with me.
Bev- 480-730-6275 or

WANTED: 1 bar stool. Needed for "in the shop". Alma 480-831-1525 or email

CANDLES. If you love candles and would like to hold an in-home demonstration, please contact Sheri Powers with Party Lite Candles to schedule a party. If you would like to see the products without having a party, you may do so by calling me at 602-292-2600 or email:

SELLING: Refridgerator/ Freezer looking for fulfillment in life (with your groceries). Made by "Admiral" (Costco?) side-by-side. Works great, has lots of room and is clean. Asking $250. Call Charlene @ 480-540-6285 if your groceries aren't in the cold.

FREE GYMNASTIC CLASS for Marlborough children ages 4 and up. Also, Ballet and Tap classes for children ages 4 and up. I am still accepting students for the summer program that continues through July. The ?“Fall Session?” begins August 18th. Locations in Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler. Call Carol Strongoli for locations, times and days. 480-777-1033 or

NEEDED! Reptile rescue and adoption center is in need of donations. We are a non-profit corporation that is in need of reptile cages, aquariums of any size, fluorescent light fixtures, heat lamps, wood, screen material,
anything else you might think useful, pick up or drop off. Any cash donations are accepted. All donations are tax deductible. Contact: Cary or Kim Castner, 854 W. Pecos Ave., (480) 655-9915 Reptiles "R" Us

GAMEBOY COLOR ... best offer will take it
Teresa Weiland, 897-0276 or

SMALL kitchen table w/drop leaves and 2 chairs...paid over $200 offer
Teresa Weiland, 897-0276 or

CHILD wooden train set...includes tracks, cars and animals... paid $50 new...will take best offer. Teresa Weiland, 897-0276 or

THREE piece cherry wood table set includes coffee, end and lamp table..paid over $700 new but will take best offer. Teresa Weiland, 897-0276 or

BUNDLE of assorted Pokemon cards ... $10. Teresa Weiland, 897-0276 or

HOUSECLEANING. Do you need your house cleaned on a regular basis? I would love to help you with it. For a free quote and references please call Debbie Albach at

SINK/COUNTERTOP - cream colored cultured marble - $40. Sandra Scully 480-345-9823/

COMFORT SELECT PILLOWTOP queen size mattress and base - $200. (Purchased for $1800.) Sandra Scully 480-345-9823/

1731 W. Baseline Rd. #105
Mesa, AZ 85202 480-838-4646
With this Ad. Save 20% off any Tanning Package or $10.00 Off Any Other Service
(not good with any other offer)

48?” ROUND OAK CLAW TABLE with leaf - $200. Lyn Walker, 831-0110

DOLLS - porcelain - all with Certificates - $75 and up. Lyn Walker, 831-0110

QUILTS - $75 and up. Lyn Walker, 831-0110

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