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Playground at large circle??

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I moved into my home in St Andrews about 1 year ago. Prior to purchasing my home I was told that there were plans to build a playground in the large circle. As the mother of two very young children this was a selling point that influenced me in the purchase of my home. After moving in I attended a couple a monthly meetings and asked previous board members about the plans and was told that it was not being pursued due to safety concerns (crime, loitering etc.) Although the concerns are legitimate I believe the benefits outweigh these concerns. After living here for a year I know very few of my neighbors and do not feel a strong sence of connection to the area. I have two very young children and would love them to be able to interact with other children in the neighborhood and at the same time have a venue for more community involvement. Now that we have a new board how can this issue be brought back to the front burner of discussion???
Large Traffic Circle

Hi Liana, thanks for the post. Just wrote you a long message and it got deleted when sending. :( Ouch.

I'm really tired so I'll try it again tomorrow.

Playground in Large Circle

Hi Liana,
Thank you taking the time to visit the discussion board for the MW5 HOA and welcome to the neighborhood.

We are unsure at this time of the plans for the large circle as it has changed many times over the years.

It is not actually a MW5 Board decision anyway as our responsibility stops at the edge of the circle.

The large circle is the responsibility of the Master Association. They now have a website also at You can write them from that site for information.

I would love to see you organize a committe of homeowners and come up with some ideas.

I would suggest you contact the Master Association first to find out their interests as they have ultimate control. As a Board Members, I would support a project that was submitted by a group of members.

I would like to hear more input on this discussion here too.

I do understand the MA at one time was going to a ''park'' in there, but has since changed it's mind. Of course, their idea of a park and your idea of a park could mean two different things.

Thank you for your input and I will keep a check on the postings here.

Thank you for the helpful response. I will definitely be contacting the MA.
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