While walking our dogs today (Feb 1) I passed 3 kids (looked to be teenagers) ON the ice on the Dynasty St pond. While they weren't "misbehaving" they were standing only about 10' from open water. I politely but sternly warned them about the ice not being very thick & the dangers of falling in, but they were still on the ice as I walked away. (Sadly in today's society I'd be crucified if I did much more than that)


PLEASE stress to your kids about the dangers of falling through the ice this time of year.


Also, what is the board going to do to prevent this potential tragedy?!?!


We always hear "there's no money in the budget for..." Ironically that's the primary thought when deciding if the roads need to be cleared after a winter storm.


We have signs for people to clean up after their dogs and to not park on the parking pads, but nothing to warn about staying off the ponds when (partially) frozen.

How much money do you think this neighborhood would need in the event of a tragedy like someone falling through an unmarked frozen pond?