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Is it just us or do others in this neighborhood have trouble with dryer vents getting clogged?  One year (I think) we had trouble with a bird getting into our dryer vent and starting to build a nest. So we had to cover it up with something, supposedly designed for dryer vents.  But ever since then we've had trouble with the cover getting clogged with lint, which in turn means we often have to run our dryer twice as long-especially for big loads.  So again, does anybody else have this trouble--and keep having to get up on a ladder to take the cover off to clean it out?  It gets to be a real pain.  I get to thinking the dryer and vent are too far into the house to work efficiently.  Whether it is or not,   does anyone know of a solution like something else to put over there to both keep birds out and let the lint fly?

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We had the same problem. We called a dryer vent cleaning company. We have not had a problem since. Sorry can't remember the name. Good luck!

Did they do anything about your outside dryer vent though?  Some, like ours, might be great at keeping birds out, but they sure get dryer lint stuck in them!  I think they have a major design flaw.

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Every three years, I replace the vent. I  clean the  vent on the outside and also clean the the plastic screen  that keeps out the wildlife out. Before I install the new flexable  aluminium vent, I give the back of the dryer a good vacuuming.  Incidentally, I have approximately 15 feet from the dryer the exit.  Also, there could be water from condensation inside the vent. By replacing the vent this should solve the problem. Over the years, I have experienced many issues with the dryer. I hope this helps.

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