North Lakes, lack of communications, etc.

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I'm probably the only reading this but I'll state things here for the record anyway.

I've not received a budget for the last several years.

I've not received a newsletter in what, a year or more?

Since I left the board and Diane Rogers and the past President, Sarah Sherman also left, it seems as this community doesn't exist. The past board were quick to hire a CPA to do the duties that they didn't want to bother doing and in so doing, increase our dues by $20 a year to $70. This means that 752 homes X $20 = $15,040, is what Clara Lugo has been taking in each year. What has she been doing for this pay you ask? I can tell you that she is doing what's required of her by the county budget office and our bylaws. She's doing her job.

I just wish the current board, whoever they are would put forth some effort and do something besides attend monthly meetings and sit there and listen to what Clara reports to them. I would like to get at least a yearly budget sent to my current mailing address as listed on my portfolio at the county property appraiser's office.

You see, I no longer live in North Lakes and I have my house rented there. When I was the treasurer for ten years on that board I would do the duties of the vacant positions when needed. I also worked with the county budget director's office in order to make sure all procedures and reports were followed and completed correctly. It was a rather fun and intersting job I might add. It wasn't hard to keep up with. Plus, I gained a lot of valuable experience working with county government. I just wish some young people in the community would get involved and do something for the community besides sit on their butts and do nothing.

Oh well, I'm only one person plus, I no longer live there but I still play a part here and I pay my dues on time with each tax collection season. I pay early and in full to take the discount in November.

Hey, stay in touch, okay?

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Five months since that post. Still no replies. Probably nobody knows about this little website. No newsletter. Is there still a board of directors? Where are they? They should be communicating here in addition to the newsletter. Hah. What a joke this is.

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