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I noticed on the back of the last newsletter a remark that this is not the official site of Parkwood and any information about Parkwood should be viewed at the official site.  That would be fine and well if the site was halfway decent and of any use what-so-ever to the residents.  All recommendations I've heard and offerred for the HOA site have been ignored or brushed off in favor of doing exactly what management wants with the site, to make themselves look good.


My response to that footnote on the newsletter is to do something for us.  If they don't want us discussing issues here then provide a place for us to do it there.  It can even have a secure login for residents only to view.  This was all mentioned at a meeting in early 2009 but dismissed quickly.


And while we are on the topic of the HOA website, why is so much money being spent on it?  A resident was at that same meeting mentioned above and offerred his services for the site.  Why wasn't he taken up on his offer?  Why are we paying for this and other services that residents have volunteered to undertake.  The newsletter asks for volunteers but only in restricted and highly supervised capacities that won't impede on the businesses of friends hired by AMS.

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