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Neighborhood Awareness

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In our warehouse district, everything is about what you see, where you see it,  and when. As the place usually shuts down in the evening after workhours, what you notice after hours may be worth noting.  Even with patrols, a lot can happen that is important to individual owners to report.


For instance I've noticed a large panel truck parking repeatedly overnight on Daisy Avenue between 15th and 16th Street. That it is parked there is no big deal, that it is there overnight, is. Wrote down the plates and will notify Windstar Security to check it out. Saw a transient nearby actually defecating on the sidewalk latenight- as we drove by. Since I don't know if this is related, I will report it, - nevertheless we do NOT want to tolerate such intransigence.


Keeping an alert eye and dealing with certain situations BEFORE they become problems is just on e aspect of neighborhood awareness we should all practice. 

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