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Right to Park in Front of House

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This morning I found a flyer placed on my windshield of my car that read, "PLEASE CONSIDER PARKING IN THE GARAGE THAT WAS PROVIDED TO HOMEOWNERS. GARAGES ARE AVAILABLE TO EACH RESIDENT TO ACCOMODATE CLEAR STREETS, SAFETY FOR VEHICLES, UNCLUTTERED NEIGHBORHOODS. YOUR COOPERATION IS APPRECIATED." My car was not the only one tagged with this flyer...several cars in the neighborhood were also hit.

Unless I missed something, no where in the bylaws does it say that I cannot park in front of my OWN house OVERNIGHT. My car is moved everyday when I go to work, so it is not continously parked for over a 12 hour period and certainly not over 48 hours as specified in bylaws.

I cannot speak for other homeowners, but in my case it is because the landscaping is being completed in the back and patio furniture needed to be moved into the garage to accommodate the landscapers. Thus, I need to park in front of my own house for a few weeks until the work is completed. FOr other homewoners that park in front, it may be because they own more than 3 cars or the vehicles do not fit in their garages. In addition, our community is not yet completed...so there is still constant construction and landscaping trucks parked in the alleys making it extremely difficult to get in and out of garages.

Since the notice was not signed, I am assuming some neighbor took upon him or herself to "police" the neighborhood and take "back our streets" from the cars parked overnight. Oh yes, what clutter parked cars are!! Having completely empty streets 24 hours a day non-stop is not realistic and does not make a "real" community. I can understand if a car was abandoned, falling apart or parked infront of someone else's house...but not your own car parked in front of your own house.

All I ask, is that we as a new community need to exercise patience and understanding. We need to respect our neighbors and if there is a problem, then we need to address it with them in person like "real neighbors" and then take it to the Board as the next step. Policing the community according to individual tastes and standards with homemade flyers is not a direction that most of us I would suspect want to see this community go. This is decidely not Highlands Ranch or an outlying suburb...but a living, thriving, and mixed new Denver urban community.

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On Street Parking

Since no one responded to your posted issue, I would assume that everyone saw your point of view and has made no further complaint. While, most certainly, it is our intent in building this community that everyone use their garages as often as possible in order to leave the onstreet parking for guests or other temporary visitors, we all know that this isn't always able to be done. We must all simply exercise common sense and consideration for our neighbors, and should experience no long term problems.

We hope you love your home and community!
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