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As Holiday Season approches don't forget you can take any of the items that go into your green recycling carts over to Park Road Park where you will find a self service Recycling Center.   At some point that location as all other self service centers will be manned due to containmenation issues like our curb side carts.  If you have lots of cardboard or drink cans from a Holiday Party you can take them over to the Park and use the much larger containers.   That will save you from having to cut up large cardboard to fit in your green road side carts.


You can recycle ridgid foam now, but ONLY at a full service recycling center and only in the special can designated for that material.    There is a foam container over at the Innovation Barn at 932 Seigle Ave.   That is not a county site, but a city location.   


You can also recycle shredded paper, but ONLY at a full service recycling center.


Full Service Centers are  Compost Central, Foxhole, and Hickory Grove in the Charlotte Area.    North Mecklenburg also has a full service center.  


VISIT in Mecklenburg County to find out what else you can take to full service centers.


DO NO PLACE any other items in the green carts accept for un bagged metal cans, plastic bottles & jugs with a neck, glass bottles and jars, paper & magazines, Milk & Juice Cartons, Cardboard & Small Boxes (Clean Pizza Boxes-Okay) 


NOTHING ELSE Goes in Self Service Recycling Centers bins, or in your Green Carts in Charlotte for Recycling.    This is County Wide for Recycling in Mecklenburg county.  




NO FOOD Containers, metal shelving, plastic bags, clothing / shoes, coat hangers in your green cart.  Only the Six Items above.   


We do not recycle by the numbers on plastic.  That means if it does not have a neck like a plastic bottle or jug we do not want it in the recycling stream in Mecklenburg county.    None of those mailers that have recycling numbers either go in your green carts or bins at self service recycling centers.  Paper mailers are fine, but remove the platic windows if they have one on the envelope. 


Some retail stores will accept plastic bags back in barrels/bins near the front of their stores.


Remember even if you bag a plastic bag with all metal cans it is NEVER OPENED and ends up in the trash truck heading to the Speedway Landfill every single day from the MRF.  That is a cost to all of us of around 2 Million every year for wrong items going in the green carts.     When you put the wrong items in the bins you damage equipment sometimes costing 10's of thousands of dollars, and even cause injury to staff working in the MRF.  


All materials must be loose in the bin.  Clean and Dry.   Keep the lids down on the green carts.   Some wet materials can't be recycled.   




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