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First you don't like her then you do, WU?

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Following an interview with a Dist 1 Candidate in the "Current" where the Keystone N.A President expressed her frustration over the present Councilwoman's apparent avoidance with the N.A. over three murders in their area and no action being taken. Then hearing remarks from the Keystone  President at different locations expressing the same and more. And then there is also a posting on MY-SA dated March 5th, of an apparent Keystone Neighborhood Association member who also states how they are fed up with the Councilwoman's avoidance of them and their concerns leaves me at a loss for words. After recent News Stories on T.V. about the closing of a bar on West Ave. this president would have you believe otherwise. The Keystone President has also been seen on TV news stories standing in the group of people behind the Councilwoman on issues at locations that are outside of her neighborhoods area. So what gives, do you folks not think the Councilwoman deserves some credibility and loyalty without backstabbing her first. Because now your smiles and kudos ring of a hollow facade.

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