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Hiring Police Officer.

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We would like your thoughts regarding hiring a New Castle County Policeman to patrol our neighborhood in the evening. The schedule would be between 2:30 PM and 11:00 PM a few days a week. We would like your feedback.
Hiring Police Officer

I am not sure if this is still an option or if you already have this in play but the times an officer would be needed is from 11pm til 7am This is the times that the kids are out spray painting the buildings.
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I have been having some issues with a few of the latch-key, unsupervised teens in the area of E. Willow Run lately and have thought about the idea of a video camera in the park. There are enough high pole and trees that a camera could be placed with a wireless transmitter to a county webpage, this is a cheaper solution than hiring a full time police officer and would also help as evidence when someone is caught doing something illegal in the park area.

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