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New LCHOA board gone wrong

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I cannot find my original paperwork - although I continue to look for it - but I want to know what the purpose is of the HOA.  I have lived here for 14 years and have only been bullied to cut grass I know needs cutting, but I haven't saved up money to get it done yet, or other petty items.  They have not helped me ONCE with the neighbor who INSISTS on parking his vehicles in front of my house, leaving his driveway open.  I don't have enough room to put my recycle/trash bins out on those mornings.  I have asked repeatedly for him to stop parking there and he refuses to move his vehicles.  Also, his boys have broken two of my fence boards - AGAIN - and I already paid for the entire thing to be replaced when that basketweave went to heck because they kept climbing on that and broke most of those boards.

  His dogs kept ending up in my back yard.  We had a verbal agreement to put up a staggered fence - half the boards on my side, half on his - so when the boards got broken by his sons, he could fix them.  The day the man came to do the fence, he backed out of it and I had to pay the whole thing.  Since then, his boys have continually kicked in the boards.

  Plus, when I moved in, the then-existing HOA said we would have a swimming pool.  I have seen nothing even remotely resembling work on a neighborhood pool.  Why am I paying for somebody to do nothing?  I don't care if there are flowers by the entrance sign.  I want to live peacefully in my home without worrying if my neighbor is going to kill the bushes between our houses and dig them up again.  True story.  He did that also.

  Now it is my understanding that we don't even have an HOA, but a management company that doesn't even live here, but likes to send threatening legal messages.  Really?  I understand common sense and integrity are far less common now, but somebody is accountable for keeping this neighborhood up and if I'm paying them to do it, aren't they supposed to be doing it?

  If anybody has any helpful pointers, I would greatly appreciate it.

It takes an entire community to make things better.  The Board of Directors meet monthly at 16000 Hickory Well on the 2nd Monday of the month.  Here is the 2012 schedule.  There are committees created that need members to help such as beautification so that fence or other issues are addressed fairly; fence committee to help with the evaluation and information gathering to bring to the community the cost for a fence crete replacement; contracts committee that reviews contracts (including vendors, management company, etc.) that is welcoming residents to join.  Additionally, the Block Captain committee is growing with 19 members but our hope is to have 1-2 residents per block to be able to know their immediate neighbors so that the community as a whole can assist with needs or address problems to include crime, etc. and work with San Antonio Police to resolve. The next meet-n-greet is Saturday, February 25th at 10 a.m. at the park.


Please consider coming to the board meetings and if you have specific items to discuss, ask the board to add you to the agenda so that you have the "floor".  email:  bod@longsscreek.org anc cc:  damctx@aol.com.


2012 Board Meeting Schedule

March 12h

April 9th

May 14th

June 11th

July 9th

August 13th

September 10th

October 8th

November 12th

December 10th

THIS IS OLD, 2012?  I guess our HOA did leave us and is now managed by ???

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