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My front yard is not public property

Posted in: Longs Creek Homeowner
I live on a corner lot with a light post.  I am amazed at how many people feel my yard around the lamp post is public access.  My neighbors use this area to post yard sale, birthday, and election signs.  I can't even count the piles of dog wastes that are there as well.  Also, flyers, ballons and ribbons are taped and LEFT to the lamppost and then the pieces of refuse end up blowing all over my yard.   Any ideas on how to make my neighbors more considerate?  Thanks, Amy

Since light posts are magnets for posting signs, you might want to put a sign up yourself, reminding them to take their post down when the party is over.  Taking the signs and balloons down should be common courtesy, but many require a "reminder".


As far as the feces....this has gotten way out of control and I've mentioned it to the board.  Until they start allowing a "real newsletter" where you can address these types of issues and get a mass circulation notifying residents of problems and solutions, you almost have to catch folks and their dogs.  I'm appauled that people are leaving them on the sidewalks where people walk and in the street as if that is okay.  I've been tempted to make up signs and put them under the feces reminding my neighbors to BRING A BAGGIE NEXT TIME.

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