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Well, the Wrigley Association Grinches are busy, busy with their nasty work as Christmas Tree Lane survives and thrives! Last week, its obvious they vandalized the Christmas Tree Lane welcome sign, yesterday they came to eat the treats that were for for volunteers setting up Christmas Tree Lane and today (Sunday. December 2, Letters to the Editor, Press Telegram) the leader of the Grinches who chose to rid the Wrigley Association of Christmas Tree Lane declares himself Santa Claus of the Daisy Avenue Christmas Tree Lane Parade-- all the while demanding ?“his rights to a candelabra?” that he wants Mayor Foster to light! What an oxymoron! Mostly moron!

It would seem to me that he and his ilk would be better regarded and they?’d have something good to do, if they were to honor their Jewish traditions and values instead of trying to destroy our Christmas Spirit and Goodwill!
?“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus?” and he?’ll be in the Christmas Tree Lane Parade--and it sure wont be Alan Tolkoff this year! ?“What fools these mortals be!?”
Just got to pray for you!
Merry Christmas!

Is there a moderator?

Just wondering it there is a moderator on this list? Someone should be filtering for hate speach the likes of ''Grinches At Work''. Sounds more like a troll is at work. For those who don't know, an internet troll is someone who just writes hateful obnoxious things to call attention to himself/herself.
wana's antisemites

i wonder if the city of long beach knows that they have certified wana an obviously anti-semitic group- as evidenced by this post that smacks of the dimentia endused ramblings of Joan Pizzato - as an official neighborhood organization.

There are no bigger grinches than the WANA group. Who defaced whose sign? It's very big of you to contiually badmouth people and then try to be holier than thou! The Christmas spirit comes with forgiveness and kindness - not with grudges meanness. We came in peace to help. It's not as if you had unlimited help.

If you'd like us to go away, why not resign and you'll never have to deal with us again? Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your worthless words and unhuman-like spirit can never hurt me.

We came in peace and you were all the grinches who turned us away - and still we tried to help!!! You should all be ashamed of yourselves for your mean spirit and inhuman nature. I would pray for you, but I think you are beyond my prayers. Repent you perfect sinners!


By caroler1
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