Current Neighborhood President Termination Process

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I would like to know, who appointed Joe Andrade as the Logan Neighborhood President?


Joe Andrade seems to think that the Logan Neighborhood has been converted to Andrade Neighborhood. Becoming a pest to several residents and taking a personal vendetta with one resident. There doesn't seem to be an accurate log of anything, as well as meeting minutes or contact info.


Lack of people skills, professionalism, prejudice, bias, personal issues and attempts to approve who can visit a resident, based on stereotype, DO NOT,  I REPEAT, DO NOT JUSTIFY THE TRUE MEANING OF A NEIGHBORHOOD LEADER/PRESIDENT!!!


Apparenty, he has his head so far up the City's behind, prompt action for Joe Andrade's "complaints" are quickly responded.


The only person complaining about everything, everyone else does...is Joe Manuel Andrade. There has not been any issues noted from other residents, other than verbally amongst each other regarding the constant HARASSMENT from Joe Andrade, for issues that are NONE OF HIS BUSINESS, or irrelevant to ANY known constitutional law or City Code.


I am requesting an investigation into the Ethical Codes of Conduct and Standards, by which the Logan Neighborhood Assoc President must adhere to.


I am ashamed to even mention being a part of this Neighborhood, due to the inappropriate actions that Joe Manuel Andrade and another Andrade family member have publically displayed.


A REAL PRESIDENT for this neighborhood, should be put in place as soon as possible, as Joe Andrade should be removed from position as well as the neighborhood!


Thank you,





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