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Architectural Guidelines - email copies available - see below


FENCES: Wood, vinyl, wrought iron or aluminum look-alike fences only (unless otherwise approved). Maximum height is six feet. Finish of wood fences to be natural or stain of natural earth tone colors. Split rail fences with vinyl-coated mesh on the inside are permitted. Privacy fences cannot he extended beyond the front line of the house. Front yard fences are permitted but only at lot corners, with 10 feet maximum extension from corner and should be of open construction only and not more than three feet high. All fence posts are to be facing the owner’s house, meaning on the inside of the fence rails. All fence construction details, style, materials, etc., must be submitted with necessary iinformation and/or sketches, and approved in advance by the Architectural Control Committee.

SWIMMING POOL & HOT TUBS: Only an in-ground swimming pool is permitted and must be fully enclosed by a fence of approved construction (no open construction). The fence must have a six foot minimum height (unless otherwise approved). Any exterior gate must contain a child-proof lock. Cabanas are permitted inside the fence when used to house pump equipment for the in-ground swimming pool. Details for the design, materials, dimensions and the location of the cabana, fence and location of the swimming pool must be submitted in writing with necessary sketches and approved prior to construction by the Architectural Control Committee.

Hot tubs located on the exterior of a home are subject to approval by the Architectural Control Committee. 

STRUCTURES: No structure of temporary character, (tool shed, shack, barn, trailer, mobile home, boat, boat trailer, camper, camping trailer, basement, tent, tree house, dog house, doll house or other outbuilding) shall be used on any lot at any time as either a temporary or permanent residence.

VEHICLES:  No boat, boat trailer, jet ski, snowmobile, recreational vehicle, camper, camping trailer, mobile home, truck (rated one ton or greater) or any other wheeled vehicle shall be located on the lot, driveway or street for more than 48 continuous hours or an aggregate of eight days per year.

Note: A boat trailer, boat, camper or camping trailer may be stored in the garage.

GAZEBOS: Gazebos (defined as a pavilion, open shelter, belvedere or an open-roofed gallery situated as to command a fine view) are allowed, but only in the back yards of dwellings. Details for the design, materials, dimensions and the location of the gazebos must be submitted in writing with necessary sketches and approved prior to construction by the Architectural Control Committee .

CHILDREN'S PLAYGROUND SET: A children’s playground set is permitted in backyard only and should be of heavy construction. Details for the design, materials, dimensions and approximate location of the playground set must be submitted in writing with necessary sketches and approved prior to the construction by the Architectural Control Committee. The Playground set must be kept well maintained.

BASKETBALL POSTS: Basketball posts shall not be less than 15 feet from street and should be constructed of commercial-grade material. Any exceptions to the above must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT: No radio, television, communication antenna or satellite dish with more than thirty square feet of grid area or a height of six feet above the highest point of the roof shall be attached to any house. No free-standing radio, television, communication antenna or satellite dish shall be permitted on any lot.

OCCUPATION OF NEW HOUSE: After occupation of a new house, the yard shall be seeded and landscaped as soon as possible within a time frame of eight months.

VACANT HOUSES OR LOTS: When a house is vacant for an extended time, the owner is still responsible for maintaining the yard. Any undeveloped lot not in process of being built on must be maintained and kept free of weeds and debris. Bare areas are to be seeded with grass to control erosion and weeds.

HOUSE EXTERIOR & PROPERTY: No exterior additions or changes or alterations to the house can be made until the details for the design, materials and dimensions of the exterior changes are submitted in writing with necessary sketches, approved prior to construction by the Architectural Control Committee. Alterations to exterior should blend in with the existing dwelling.

No attached or detached solar panels are permitted.

Fireplace wood shall not be stored in a driveway.

No grass clippings shall be left on the street at any time after mowing the grass.

Trash, garbage or other waste shall not be kept in the yard except in closed sanitary containers or closed plastic bags.

Laundry, wash pieces, etc. are not permitted to be aired or dried outside the house (including decks or patios). No clotheslines of either temporary or permanent nature shall be erected or maintained upon any lot.

Note: City garbage pickup is Tuesday morning.

YARD LIGHTS: The Association’s Covenants specify placement of yard lights to be fifteen feet, plus or minus one foot, setback from the street.

Note: Yard lights must be on from dusk to dawn.

Please Note: For anything you would like to know on architectural control subjects or any submittal for approval of your project, please call the chairman of the Architectural Control Committee. Submit a written proposal to the chairperson in advance of your project. You will receive a formal reply within thirty days from the Architectural Control Committee

Additional Comments

The Architectural Control Committee encourages planting trees and shrubs in the yards as a beautification of our community.

PETS: Pet owners should be aware of the city leash laws.

TRAFFIC: Gasoline-powered devices, such as mini-bikes, go carts, motorized three-wheel and four-wheeled ATVs, mopeds, scooters, etc. are not allowed on the sidewalks.

Snowmobiling is not permitted on any street, lawn, empty lot or anywhere in Lincoln Village.

Regular bikes are not allowed to be parked on the sidewalks. Regular bikes can be used on the sidewalks, but must give walkers the right-of-way. Pedestrians have the right-of-way. Parents, please forward these guidelines to your children!

We urge each of you to please slow down while driving in our neighborhood and be very cautious of pedestrians and children on our streets.

Our streets would be safer if we kept our vehicles parked off the street when possible.

Guideline notes and email requests

Please note that the intent of the Architectural Guidelines is to further clarify the interpretation of the Covenants as to certain methods of construction and maintainance of individual properties in Lincoln Village. If a difference appears between the Covenants and the Guidelines, the Covenants will be the determining document. The Guidelines are offered by the Board of Directors as a service to our residents in order to demonstrate the Board's interpretation of the Covenants in a more detailed way. Residents are encouraged to contact the Architectural Control Chairman or any Board of Directors Member with questions before "breaking ground" on any construction project affecting the exterior of a property. Some of the Guidelines address simply common courtesy issues.

Email copies of the Guidelines are available by request from:

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