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The key here is "frequent".  Anyone who knows ANYTHING about dogs will know that they do bark - it's their nature. It is how GOD designed them, and honestly, I would rather my dogs bark at people they didn't know because it adds another level of security to my home.  Again, though, if you THOROUGHLY read the law, Animal Control's purpose is not for "noise control" but rather if there are dogs running loose - then that's when Animal Control can step in.  They even state it at the top of their publication:

Animal Control is dedicated to reducing incidences of animal-inflicted injuries and protecting citizens from rabies by promoting responsible pet ownership through the enforcement of animal control laws and public education.

Does this say ANYTHING ANYWHERE about controlling barking?  Hmm, am I missing something here? Grow up, would you?

So apparently you want everyone to conform with your choice of living.  We choose not to have animals, but do not care that our neighbors do.  The people around us have animals and are considerate.  We have no problems.  If they are out from morning till night everyday and constantly barking, I am calling animal control on them.  You seem to be too immature to realize the world does not revolve around your schedule.  You are in a large neighborhood.  If you lack the sense to leave noisy animals out, then you deserve animal control.

In fact, I have called animal control on a neighbor before because they left their animals out at all hours.  If I am trying to sleep, I am not going to walk over there and talk with them about it.  Common sense tells them to know better.  Animal control wrote them a ticket.  I challenge you to leave noisy animals out and not become "that" neighbor.

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Animal control is not going to do a thing about a dog that is barking during the day unless there are some other circumstances present that cause them to intervene, such as the dog's living conditions or health.

This is what I'm referring to, I can't find the actual Mt. Juliet ordinance anywhere and don't feel like looking any more, but this should get the point across.  I have received a barking dog ticket and have gone to court about it.  I was told first hand by the judge about this ordinance and the times that it is in effect.  I believe animal control is focused on abused, abandoned, neglected, or otherwise mistreated dogs, not a dog that is taken care of and that is locked in a yard, but barks during the day when it's owners are at work.

Here's what I'm talking about, sorry in advance for the long posting, but you can skip to the bold & underlined part below:

PUBLICATION: The Tennessean
DATE: May 24, 1998
SECTION: Wilson, Pg. 1
BYLINE: Warren Duzak
DATELINE: Mount Juliet, Tennessee

The Tennessean reports that the City Commission in Mount Juliet, Tennessee passed a new noise ordinance Monday at the first of two readings. The new ordinance was proposed after City Judge John Gwin said that the old ordinance was difficult to enforce. Several changes were made to the proposed ordinance before it passed last week, the article says.

According to the article, Judge Gwin said the old ordinance established decibel levels as the criteria for determining noise levels. Decibel levels can be measured only by using sophisticated equipment, and although the city purchased the equipment, it was rarely used. The proposed new ordinance will include decibel provisions, but also will rely on common sense measures. For example, if a police officer in a car with the doors closed and the windows rolled up can hear an offending sounds, then it counts as a violation.

The proposed new ordinance will address a number of noises, the article reports, including lawn mowers, car horns, televisions, musical instruments, and anything that makes too much noise between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. If a person can hear the noise 50 feet or more from a property line, it counts as a violation. And, in a car with doors shut and windows rolled up, a noise that can be heard 30 feet from a property line is a violation. Or, if a noise is 15 decibels higher than background noise between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. or 25 decibels higher than background noise during other hours, it constitutes a violation.

The article goes on to say that some provisions in the original proposed ordinance were dropped out by commissioners last week. The original ordinance prohibited using "lawn mowers, brush-clearing equipment, blowers and other equipment used for cleaning or maintenance" on Sunday. That measure was included, according to City Attorney Dan Alexander, because many communities have a tradition of no motorized yard work on Sundays. But Commissioner David Scott introduced an amendment to remove that prohibition, and the commission approved it. Scott said, "Some of my neighbors do cut their grass on Sunday." Another prohibition of the original ordinance banned car horns except to announce danger or communicate a warning. But Commissioner James Bradshaw introduced an amendment, which the commission approved, that allows motorists to use an occasional "toot" for other purposes.

Because of the changes the commission made, the article notes, using construction tools such as jackhammers or pneumatic nail guns would be permitted on Sundays. This has worried some police officers, who say that construction on Sundays is one of their biggest noise complaints. Police Captain Ted Floyd said, "I'm not sure a contractor has the right to build a house on Sunday. We do need some kind of tool ... if the city wants us to stop that on Sunday." The article notes that the ordinance can be amended again at its second reading before it becomes law.


I agree with you. Some people don 't have the common sense to keep their animals quiet.  If they can't be quiet...get rid of them. If you notice the type of people who have barking dogs, they're usually red necks who don't know any better. Get a petiton signed to get them out of the neighborhood.


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