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Crows Bugging You?

Posted in: Indianola Hills
Has anyone else noticed that the number of crows in our city seem to be increasing daily?

I was at a meeting last week where the animal control people said that they couldn't do anything about the problem. When someone suggested a pellet gun they were told that wasn't pemitted.

I think the City should deal with the problem or let us do it! They are a real problem in the garden and scatter garbage too.

Anyone else have strong anti-crow feelings?

By Mark R. White
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      First off, let me say I was born and raised in Des, Moines...(actually the OLD 4-Mile).  Those were the 40's and 50's.  Crows were part of everyday life.  They were here long before man began "settling" the area.  Their "caw-caws" were comforting as a young boy out in the woods.  Crows are a very intelligent bird, and studies have proven they can count up to four.  They always have a lookout perched in a tree, or a fence post.  For example, if a group of four hunters enters their domain, and only three come out, they sound a warning call to the rest of the flock.

    I'll admit they can be a pesky bird when people share their habitat.  They are a bird of opportunity and will use that to their advantage.

    I suppose I'm lamenting when I say I miss their caws.  I'm sure as you grow older, you will look back and feel the same.  It's part of life's nostalgia.  I reside in Utah, now where there are no crows, just their cousin, the raven.  Their 'caws" are similar, but their cries takes me back to a better time when I was a Tom Sawyer along 4-Mile 'crick' listening to the crows and other birds.

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