Le Conte Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Watch Tips

May 17, 2004

* Leave on your porch lights all night every night. Use low-wattage fluorescent bulbs to conserve electricity in these fixtures.
* Don't leave anything in your car that you don't want stolen and always lock your car.
* If you see anything suspicious in the area, call 981-5900 to report it immediately. If you think it's suspicious, then it is.
* Pick up litter from the street, even if it's not yours. A clean street, or a person seen cleaning up, sends a message to passersby:
"Neighbors are watching!"
* Report graffiti immediately to 981-6400. The City will remove it. Removing graffiti sends a similar message that we look after our
* Be aware of what's happening in your adjacent neighbors' yards and driveways. Treat their property as if it were your own when it comes to
discouraging crime.
* When walking at night, leave your wallet or purse at home and bring only the cash you need. Thieves regard as prime targets: the elderly,
people with fat wallets or easy-to-grab purses.
* If you see someone sitting in a car for while, then ask them in a non-confrontational manner if you can help. Explain that you are a member of the Neighborhood Watch. If there's a problem, call 981-5900.
* Put the number of your house where it can be easily seen from the street by police and emergency services. The number on the curb can be
too easily hidden by parked cars or even leaves.
* Get to know your neighbors and discuss your concerns about the neighborhood and community. Share information.
* Always lock your bikes and don't leave anything outside that you don't want stolen.
* Lock doors and windows. Most thefts are crimes of opportunity when a perpetrator comes across easy access.
* Always be alert when out and about.

More tips on crime prevention and resource on burglar alarms can be found on the City of Berkeley Police Department Web site under City
Services: http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us

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