Crime In Zone 3

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My wife and I don't live in the neighborhood and don't want to intrude on this forum, but we have a company that provides safety against burglary that is not an alarm system that is inexpensive and effective.  Alarm systems are great, but they only tell you when the bad guys are already in your house.  Our company, DefendHer Now LLC, has a new product called Door Security Pro that goes on the the door jamb of any door and guarantees that the door cannot be kicked in (which is the favorite way for burglars and home invaders to enter).  Please visit our website at to learn more.  We also sell many other self defense items such as TASER's, stun guns, pepper sprays, alarms and more.

Amazing that someone is saying something.  I have been a resident for a while now and really love my house.  Well built and just as nice as the toco=hills brick ranches but with one huge difference aside from the cost is the, straggler thugs that cut through this nieghborhood from Metropolitan to Lee street area.


I too called 911 about gunshots last March 09 and again in January when I know I heard an ak47... having friends in the military you know the difference. At a recent meeting the white cop there said to the entire group that there was only one patrol for Sylvan-Hills. Why?? What is it with the police not realizing that this nieghborhood deserves as much or more protection than Grant Park (were our precinct is) ...a world away.  Today at 12 noon (day agter the 5th July 2010 there was a police helicopter flying over those apartments at sylvan rd and langford pkwy then over Brewer (how much did that cost?).  Were are the patrol cars?? Were are the redog drug units in unmarked cars......???? I never see them and niether do the nieghbors. Most are retired and do not want to say anything for fear of retaliation.


We are scared and the association knows it but could really benefit us all by tackling this crime problem by having the entire 70 - 100 homeowners that do attend go to the precinct in Grant Park all together and mayby the police would get the message.  Finley is no longer there but here is their #404-624-0674 Lt. Bryant or anyone else. Good luck to us all !

I am not a fan of on-line chatter, but when i found a discussion on our area, I wanted to chime in.


We moved here 2 years ago. We're off Allision Rd. near the elementary and have also seen a change in that period of time. We like the area because of the trees a little large lots. Being near the Sardis elementary was important because we've got to 1 in school and 1 about to enter. Miss Hughes has been wonderful and she is one of the reasons we have had a good expereince thusfar.


There are a couple things that i have seen that are disconcerting: (a) burglaries (b) litter. There were 3 burglaries in the last month (all north of 53)...which is getting too close to us. In speaking with HC Sheriff deputy, they kicked the doors on 2 of the homes and went through an open window on the 3rd. All of them happened during the day when they were at work. We've got an alarm, but so did one of the homes. They cut the phone lines and then kicked the door...the scary thing is that they knwe what they were doing. So, the "trend" and their apparent skill or expertise is what is bothersome (outside of the fact they are still at large of course). We went to Home Depot and got a peephole for fronnt door, trimmed back some of the bushes, bought a door brace on ebay for the back door (the one we rarely use) for about $19, and got a door devil for the front door security. We also contact ADT and found out we're already on teh cellular plan (so cutting our phone lines wouldnt help the burglars). So, we've done about all we can...but it's like we're playing a waiting game for them to hit our house. As i am a gun owner, I am ready for them if we're home...but do you really want to play that game with kids in the house?


The litter is more of a pet peeve - and maybe its just me...but there sure seems to be a signifcant and recent increase of trash along 53 prior to the lake. When we walk at night, we woudl take a bag and pick up items as we came upon them. Well, recently, we would need to be trailed by a dump truck to pick it all up. So...come'on people... keep it in the car until you get home. It's selfish. Ok, i am off the soapbox.




I have the ability to set any of you up with an alarm at no cost to you for installation. Just pay the montly fee. Feel free to call me at 404 908 5443. I, myself, live in Stockbridge right off of 138 and just recently got robbed. I do not have the luxury of having my own companies system in my home and my phone lines were cut. This sounded my alarm but no police ever showed up. Later I found that having my phone line cut stopped all transmission of my alarm to the police. Please if you have an old system or no system at all CALL ME I can help you. Again my number is 404 908 5443 and my name is Shane. Thank you and stay safe STOCKBRIDGE!

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