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Hinkley High School East Gate Access

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Good Evening neighbors,


As I am new to this site, I am not sure how many of you are aware of an issue that has been an ongoing problem since late last year.   Due to the rantings of one person, the school has essentially "locked" the gate on 11th Ave. restricting pedestrian flow through that gate to strictly after school hours. There are many of us in this part of the neighborhood who use that on a daily basis to walk our dogs, exercise, or as a means to get to Chambers and or Colfax for RTD and the like. 

It was brought to my attention this afternoon that our "Neighborhood" watch person, sorry, no name given, has put himself into the mist of this ongoing issue by stating he has suggested to the School board that the gate needs to be closed by 6 PM every evening going forward.  I am sorry, but this to me is a serious issue of overstepping his boundries and so called "duties!"  This person has no business having any kind of meetings with the School Board concerning this issue without first talking to those of us in the neighborhood!!! I am livid that he would do such a thing! It is bad enough that our School Board bowed to the rantings of a person who is unstable! Trust me, the whole neighborhood is aware of the person in question and knows they lie and manipulate to get their way.

 I am asking that those persons in charge, talk to this person and remind him that he is overstepping his "duties" and he has NO RIGHT to meet with the school concerning this issue!  If he does not stop, I will request he be removed from his post at our next meeting!

  Sorry to be so long getting back to you but we can now report that this issue has been resolved. 


   Hinkley will keep the Gate open for access to the school.

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