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Elected officials retirement

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        Aurora's elected officials have maintained a defined benefit retirement program that they do not, have not and will not contribute one penny of their own money into, eligibility age 56, benefit of $70.35/month for each year served, 100% spousal survivorship, has a COLA,  has a $244.44/month supplemental benefit and has no cap. e.g. A council member serving 12 years,current term limits, will receive a larger retirement check that their highest council salary.


     In fact, of the 20 ex-elected officials/spouses that are receiving a retirement chek 7 are receiving more than 100% of their highest council salary with Steve Hogan and Paul Tauer receeiving 182% ,($1,932.84/month).




1. Eliminate the elected officials defined benefit plan; don't believe a part-time position should be considered a career that warrants a life time check that is paid for buy Aurora's taxpayers.


2.Keep a retirement program for elected officials but only as defined contributions that council/mayor must make contributions to, has cap, eligibility age of 67 and penalties for early retirement.


3. Keep a retirement plan for elected officials but as a 401K plan or a Roth IRA plan.


4. Any retirement plan should have a cap that reflectes Aurora's term limits and should never execeed a council memers salary.

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Thank you for sharing this info. I am appalled to learn of this, especially in light of the tight economic circumstances. I am curious who, how and when this was established. I do not think council members should receive retirement benefits and especially not their spouses. As for mayors, it should simply be as you suggested, either a 401 or Roth plan.


This is ridiculous. Of most interest is how this was down and is kept on the QT.

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