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Sherriff patrol

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I thought we were already being assessed $80 per household for police patrol. With the increase in crime in the Metrowest area, this patrol is needed. The $33k we pay per year would pay for a full time rookie deputy. I think the fees for this Ass'n are getting a little out of hand, when a neighborhood off Apopka Vineland pays half for thier assessments, OR maybe Sentry Management could reduce thier fees
Metrowest HOA Fees are higher

Was just reviewing your budget thinking why aren't ours that low. Glad to see it online. Wish they would put ours up.

Be thankfull you don't live in Metrowest. We are now paying $800 a year, and we don't even have a pool or community center. We do have city Police Patrol though. You can always find them at the Veranda Park construction site on Hiawassee Rd.
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Patrol cost

The patrols are allocated about 20% of the assessment fees or about $100 of your annual assessment. The rate that the sheriff charges Pembrooke seems to go up every year so expect the assessment to go accordingly.

We received a note in the mail this week (week of August 20) indicating that there would be a meeting on this subject August 2nd (in the past). It would have been nice to have attended this discussion. If the date was wrong and it is in September we should be notified. Our household opinion, Security is vital, we love having the OC Sheriff here as a deterrent. We do not understand why an additional assessment is required since this was always in the budget. A full review of how our dollars have been spent is warrented before another assessment is levied.
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