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Proposed new indentures

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how many times will your home violate the proposed new indentures for Lake James Manor? Will the violations decrease the value of you home. The following will be in violation: Two-story house Front entry garage Vinyl siding on house front Changes distance to 30 feet on each side of home. (We have a 78 foot so could have 18 feet to build). Only 50% of yard can be fenced in. They are violating the original indenture since a change must be signed not voted They left out 2 pages of the proposed change in the mailing. My thoughts are that they did not even read what they sent out. They certainly do not have the best interest of the residents. When we spoke with one of the trustees and made him aware. He said they would change one of the items so he would not be in violation. We need to vote NO This is not right and not legal If your a a homeowner I'm sure you received my flyer and if I spoke to you I gave you the missing pages. Please do not ignore this. This is for you as well as for me.

I'm the Chairman for Lake James Manor Trustees  who spoke with residents in regards to this complaint recently and yes they were right in just about every accusation which was made above.  During this meeting I explained that it was my responsibility as the Chairman to have fully reviewed this document prior to implementation to our residents.  It was further explained that this entire voting process was rescinded and we hopefully get the homeowners engaged in the drafting and development of a more effective Trust Agreement and Indentures.


I assure everyone reading this blog that we had no malicious intent and no self serving goals to to place any hardships or unreasonable demands on any of our residents.  Our #1 goals are to seek out new effective methods to preserve our community, your property values and the safety of our residents.

Update just spoke with Sarah at City and Village (314-739-4800) and she stated that she had just started folding the Apology letters and stuffing envelopes.  Which means that hopefully these letters will be mailed out sometime this week. 


The Trustees of Lake James Manor apologize for the delay in this process however for those of you who would like to get an advance copy of my Apology letter beforehand it will be attached to this web site as well.


We apologize for the delay in this process. 

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