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Mailbox Repair

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I have a problem with my mailbox latch. It broke off and I have been unable to fix it since that mailbox seems to be made out of cast iron (I have tried drilling, epoxy, gorilla glue, everything).

Does anyone have any suggestions or, if you don't have any, do you know who I can call to get my mailbox repaired (and re-painted while they are there)?

Mailbox Repair

That's interesting that you bring this up as we just discussed it at the last meeting. I think many may have the same problem as the boxes are getting old. I just had mine painted by a youngster in the neighborhood and he did a great job. Won't do much for a broken latch but it was a start.

Please come out to the meeting on the 11th and let's discuss this more.

Any other ideas?

I'm actually a fan of cluster boxes as we've been having a mail theft problem for some time.

What is your thoughts?
Mailboxes (Lockable)

I still like the idea of having individual boxes at each house (or pair of houses) but it would be nice to have the option of getting one of those lockable mailboxes (similar to these -

They are available in black and, while I realize they are not aesthetically pleasing, I believe that security is more important.

I know it would take forever to get something like this approved by the HOA but it is something we should look into.
Lockable Mail Boxes

Those are a great idea and security is more important than aesthetics. I like the style you showed, thanks for the link. It would be great to get some more input from others. We in Bardmoor have had a mail theft problem for over two years.
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