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limit on # of cars in driveway

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Are there rules to how many cars one can park on their driveway?

All homes were built to accommodate 1-3 cars on the driveway, depending on the home style. But, if you take a drive down Paseo El Arco, you will find a house (in the corner) that tore out the front lawn to accommodate 7 vehicles.

I was appalled to see my moms next-door neighbors house loaded with 7 cars in the driveway. This once ideal place to live has turned into a barrio resembling that of Santa Ana, not even La Zanja is this bad.

I?’m seeing modified driveways (that are normally built for 1-3 vehicles) to accommodate the cars that are not allowed on the streets. In the case of where my mom lives, she is one of the last two original homebuyers left on her street. This new neighbors (left side) of where she lives, has torn out the front lawn and cemented the small parcel, and now park 7 vehicles in their driveway, this is in addition to the 2 parking permits per household. Meaning this household has 9 cars!!

Doesn?’t the homeowner association know or care that the kind of driveway alterations being done (no car limits in driveways) begs for a low class environment.

Damian Orozco
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