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Limit on # of cars on driveways?

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Actually the loophole for us is the if they rent out more than 2 rooms, they have to have a permit from Riverside County.  The HOA however, requires no such permit, so we can have child molesters living nextdoor and never know it.  One good thing is that the HOA can send them a letter to make them park in their garage and driveway.  Our deadbeat neighbor boardinghouse was assigning parking spaces on the street in front of our house and our neighbor's houses.  I have special needs kids who ride a school bus everyday and it was interfering with the bus access for our kids. Step 2 is getting our curb either blue curbed or red curbed for the bus.  Such a shame such a beautiful community is allowing these boarding houses to operate here.


If we all go to the HOA meetings and propose regulations against it, maybe we can get it to a vote?

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