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Junk Vehicles

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So much has being said about junk car. and there are a lot of them. Maybe is because they are hard to get rid of. People in many cases can not afford to repair there vehicles so they let them
sit in there yard. Maybe the city can come up with a plan to help citizen to get rid of this problem. Like they do with the "big trash".

By Michael G.Galan
Citizen Responsibility

Granted, some people cannot afford to get their car(s) repaired. However, in some cases, they are able to get another vehicle. We all must do our part it helping to get rid of the trash we generate. We should not put off all of our problems onto the city. We are part of this city. If a plan were to be generated to get rid of junk cars, who do you think will probably have to pay for this. WE WILL. Those of us who don't let junk vehicles sit will become responsible for the problems of those whom choose not to take care of it. It will come down to people becoming ''lazy''. The attitude of: ''The city will take it away for me. Why worry about it'' I feel that the persons involved with the junk car problem should be able to deal with it. All of us have to make sacrifices in order to accomplish things we want or do.

By NewToSite

If you have the title, pic and pull will pick it up and give you a little cash, usually $200 to $300.  


Its NOT the city's job to discard of cars!


People need to understood just how much it cost for the rare brush and bulk items pick up.


Besides, there are numerous agencies that ask for car donations and will pick them up free. 

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