La Petite Maison HOA II

Guest Parking Issue / Bias HOA

Posted in: Kimberly Woods
It seems that there are residents that are parking in the guest parking on the east side of the Kimberly Woods compound. I even admit that my son was parking there on and off, that?’s until we got a 25 dollar fine for having a car parked in the spot and another car parked next to the dumpster for no more than 15 mins. while we were in the garage installing a new garage door unit. We were still fined, yet others park there constantly and no actions seem to be happening. We have a bias HOA member in that vicinity that has something out for my family and me. He has had his cars illegally parked in the fire lane along the east wall (I'm pretty sure he wouldn't report himself). Where is the problem, with my vehicles or any other residents vehicles parked there, or is the problem really with the unfair HOA members that feel that with their so-called title, that they are able to bend the rules around themselves. We got the fine in the mail, so we complied, parking our car outside where it would be able to be vandalized. Two weeks after parking outside, the car was broken into and over one thousand dollars in theft and damage was done to our vehicle. Where is the justice?
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