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Is there anything in the HOA rules regarding people not mowing the grass in their backyard?

I know some lots have a steep slope because of the terrain. Still, these folks only cut the grass a few feet in the back and let the rest grow like it was a jungle.

My backyard is on a slope, but I make the best effort to keep the grass cut on the entire property. That helps controlling insects and animals. However, not many people seem to care. Is there I can do or say to them to improve this?

thanks !

You can suggest they call a lawn care company. I use Freedom Lawn and Landscape to mow my slope. I used to mow my lawn and have them mow just the slope. Now because of my time I have them do it all. Their website is www.freedomlawnandlandscape.com. This way you can suggest not act like you have an issue.
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