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Sidewalks are for Walking:) Not parking:(

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Why does the 109th precinct do nothing when cars park illegally on sidewalks? Today I witnessed a man from Kissenna Park Civic Association get assaulted by someone who illegally parked on a sidewalk between 45 ave. and Cherry ave. on Bowne street all this man did was ask the driver why are you parking here it's illegal and told them to move, when the passenger jumped out and went nuts:( Cops came and did their usual NOTHING!!!!

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Parking on sidewalks is not only illegal but can also be dangerous when pedestrians have to walk in the street because of cars blocking the sidewalk. In todays world it is often dangerous to approach any stranger, especially to critisize them or inform them that they are breaking the law. The prudent thing to do is call 311 and ask for police assistance. If the police do not respond in an effective manner please get their badge numbers and call the KPCA hotline at 718 692-7744 or e-mail me at and we will advise our 109th contacts that we need better response to issues like this.

We are doing our best to stop illegal parking on sidewalks by filing complaints with the Department of Buildings. Many people with illegal appartments are creating illegal driveways and curb cuts because of the lack of parking in areas unindated with these illegal apartments. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the KPCA and we hope that events like this are not repeated. Hope to see you at our next meeting in the fall.


         Joe Amoroso, KPCA zoning chair

                               Queens Civic Congress zoning & code enforcement co-chair

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